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Yes, Pineapple Marshmallow Black Tea is a real tea! This is the mad tea blending skills from 52Teas, a company that creates a unique tea blend each week.  This company is one to take note of.  I don’t enjoy every tea that is created, but they are always interesting no matter what!



After having the week I have had so far, I wanted a tea that would make me smile and how can you not smile when you are about to have a tea with pineapple and marshmallow flavors in it!

Pineapple Marshmallow Black Tea– (from the website)-For this blend, I used my rich, flavorful black tea base and added pineapple and marshmallow flavors.  Then I added some freeze-dried pineapple bits and marshmallow root.  The result is a yummy, pineapple-y sweet, creamy treat that tastes great hot or iced.   ($4 for a taster and $12 for a large pouch).


~My Thoughts~

This tea was a tea that I was curious about so I was happy to see it in my latest grab bag mystery pack a few weeks ago.  I needed a tea that would be sweet and yummy so I thought I’d give this one a try.


One of the best things about 52Teas is that they offer each tea in a taster pouch and then a bigger one in case you fall in love with the tea.  This is one of those companies that only makes so much of each tea, so when it is gone. . it is gone! Each tea has such creativity behind it.  Right now on the site you can find Strawberry Tea Cake Black Tea, Hot Buttered Banana Bread Black Tea, Peach Cupcake Green Tea, and Coconut Cheesecake Honeybush just to name a few.

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My excitement levels rose as soon as I took a whiff and let myself indulge in the sweetness of the dry leaf.  This tea smelled just like one of those pineapple whip cream desserts my mom used to make when I was a kid.  I think it was called fluff?

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Like I said, today was another stressful day.  I needed this tea to be delicious and I wanted to break out my Grandma’s teaware.  After she died, I was able to go through her cupboards and take the tea cups and saucers that she has.  This is one of my favorite pieces. Whenever I use one of her pieces, it is like getting a hug from her.

Prepped the tea like a traditional black tea but didn’t let is steep as long.  212F for about minutes.  Took my first sip after allowing this tea to cool and I was greeted with a flavor that made me sigh.

This tea was exactly what I needed! The pineapple flavoring is spot on, tasting fresh and juicy.  The marshmallow isn’t a true marshmallow flavor but more of a creamy flavor that mixes well with the pineapple creating a lush fluffy pineapple dessert like taste.  The marshmallow more reminds me of cool whip.  The black tea base is light and is honestly only noticeable in about every other sip or so. I’m  not noticing any black tea notes like being astringent or anything like this.   This tea is delicious and is indeed making me happy! I almost feel like this tea is giving me a bit of a pep in my step.  Sweet Pineapple Fluff love. That is what this tea should be called.  I’m loving this! I have a bit left over so I’m excited to try this also as a cold brew.

Got some delicious tea in one of my favorite tea cups- all I need now is my favorite blanket, pjs, and a book and I am set! Take a moment and check out 52Teas.  You won’t find teas like this anywhere else.  Seriously. . . Walter Bishop Sublime Strawberry Milkshake Honeybush anyone??

And. . Halloween is almost here and you know that you want to be sipping on some tea from the Great Pumpkin! 10 Days left to win a fun filled Halloween prize!

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Have a great Thursday everyone! The weekend is almost here!

~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek~

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