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This week has not been my week.  I’ve had some great positives and I’ve tried to hold on to those. . .but for the most part. . it has been a stressful week. . . and it’s only the middle of the week.  I’m worried about what the rest of the week has to offer me. Agh!C’mon happy thoughts!

So today, I reached for a tea that I had never had before from a company that I had never experienced before.  I wanted something soothing and invigorating for my soul.  It has been one of those kind of weeks.


The Jasmine Pearl Tea Co is new to me.  I have heard a few things about them here and there, but I hadn’t investigated them until the other day.   I am so glad I did! They have a fantastic selection of tea.

The first tea I had to try was a white tea that sounded amazing and if any tea could give me the warm fuzzies, it was this one.



Haiku– A beautifully balanced blend of white tea, peach, vanilla and a hint of rose hips. Whether you prefer to drink it with or without the addition of a sweetener, Haiku has a natural light sweetness and smooth finish. Pairs well with pastries.

And wouldn’t you know it-we were taste testing cupcakes for the wedding today.  My poor co-workers have gained 10 pounds over the last week.  My mom has decided she is going to take control of the dessert table at the reception and make mini cupcakes in decadent flavors-Pumpkin Pie cupcakes with Whip Cream frosting or Apple Cider with a light and fluffy cream cheese frosting? Anyone?  Yeah. . Exactly!


unnamed (3) unnamed (2)

I quickly brewed this up before our meeting using my handy dandy Sei Sei Tumbler.  Seriously.. . . I use this thing all the time now.  Even to use it as a brewing vessel.  It is really the most versatile piece of teaware I own.

unnamed (4)

Haiku was beautiful to look at and had a romantic sort of feel to it.  The pieces of orange peel commanded a second look while the rest of the dry leaf mingled.  I can’t get over how lovely this tea looked.

unnamed (5)

A few minutes later as I was walking into a meeting, I took my first sip. My thoughts? Sigh. . . . .

This tea had everything I needed.  This tea delivered that hug I needed and gave me those warm tea fuzzies. This tea has such a delicate balance between allowing the base tea to shine thru and allowing the inclusions to play.  The white tea base is subtle but brilliantly so.  I can tell this is a white tea just from the slight floral notes I am picking up in every other sip or so.  The vanilla bean is giving this tea a welcomed kick of sweetness while the peach is providing a gentle push of fruity love.  Seriously, this tea has it all.  So simple, yet I’ve seen this exact tea mixture go the opposite way and either the peach is too artificial tasting or the vanilla bean just doesn’t quite cut it. Each sip I am comforted and soothed.  Haiku is really hitting the spot.

 I actually steeped this tea three times and the flavor was there each time, tho slightly weakened.  I was sad when I realized I had exhausted the tea leaf.  I wanted more tea love.

For being a first experience with The Jasmine Pearl Co, I’m quite taken.  If every tea is as good as this one, I’m in trouble!

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