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The last tea I had from Orange Moon Tea Society was amazing so I had some pretty high expectations for this blend.



Orange Moon Tea Society is not your average tea company or tea drinking experience.   From the teas they offer to the tea leaf readings they can do, the stories that have been beautifully written and these gorgeous Tea Bat Lenormand Cards you can purchase-The Orange Moon Tea Society has created a universe surrounding the teas they offer.


The People’s Tea is one of the blends they offer.  This blend is a rich blend of ceylon, assam and gulabi. (From the few minutes I was researching gulabi online, I found that it is a tea that involves rosewater.  Something I’ll have to do more research on.)  I adore the sample tins they provide.  The artwork is gorgeous!


~My Thoughts~

What I noticed most from this tea as a dry leaf was the rich malty notes.   I knew this was going to be one of those teas that was either perfectly balanced or would skew more towards having a more dry mouth feel.

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The twins were yet again wanting to share a pot so I thought after all of the strongly flavored teas we had been having lately, this would be a good change of pace.

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As this tea was steeping, the color of the water was turning into a dark brew, reminiscent of coffee.   I had a feeling this tea was going to be a bit more on the astringent side than what I wanted.  First sip in and I am greeted with this very mouth drying tea that overwhelms the other flavors and notes.  There was a gorgeous malty flavor profile that I really liked but it was very subtle and almost overwhelmed.

The twins and  I enjoyed this tea but wish it wasn’t so astringent. I think if I was to have this tea again, I would cut the steeping time down a bit to see if I can reduce the amount of mouth drying attributes this tea tends to lend itself.  How it sits, I like it, but can’t see myself wanting more.  I think with a bit of experimenting, this tea could be an amazing sipping black tea for your first cup in the morning. Robust and delicious.

If you are in the market for tea, check out their selection.  I’m excited to try the remainder of the teas I have for them.

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