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Handmade Tea is a great option for anyone looking for a monthly subscription tea plan.  Each month you receive a new hand blended tea and once it is gone, that blend is gone.  These blends are hit or miss for me.  I either really like them or have to take a few minutes to experiment with them a bit to get them to my taste.


Handmade Tea was started in 2011 by Caleb Brown after he decided he wanted something more exciting when it comes to loose leaf teas.  He has definitely done just that.  Each of his blends are quite unique and always delivered with the best presentation.


This isn’t from this month’s package but this is what you get.  Love getting this kind of tea mail!


Cucumber Mint is a smooth and refreshing tea blend with a base of Shoumei white tea.  Although a white tea, there are flavors reminiscent of a lighter oolong. The pieces of dried cucumber add crisp and refreshing notes that wrap around the sweet white tea flavor.  Lastly peppermint is added for a cooling flavor that  nicely compliments the cucumber.

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I was excited to try this.  I was craving  a more light crisp clean tea.

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I loved the look of the dry leaf.  It had such a beautiful look to it and smelled amazing.  There was a definite note of crispness to the tea.

~My Thoughts~

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I wanted hot tea and Jason wanted some iced tea so I decided we would see how this tea stood up to both methods.

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I loved how this tea brewed up.  The beautiful gold color made me happy.  First sip and this tea was fantastic! Everything the description said.  Crisp, clean tasting, with hints of cucumber and mint.  This tea reminds me of when you go to a fancier restaurant and they have water with fresh cucumbers and sprigs of mint.  So delicious and so fresh tasting.  The white tea base is so gentle and subtle, really elevating the other flavors to stand out.  This maybe my favorite blend from Handmade Tea yet.  I actually wish I could get more of this.

As an iced tea, this tea was just as invigorating as when it was brewed hot. The flavors kept the same flavor profile and was amazingly refreshing.  I took this tea one step further and cold brewed it in my Sei Sei Tumbler (one of the best teaware products I have) and again, simply amazing.  Refreshing, invigorating, delicious tasting that leaves your mouth feeling clean. This might have been my favorite way to brew this tea.  I could tell that the flavors seemed to have a depth and an even fresher taste.  I can’t say enough about this tea.

If you are in the market for a monthly subscription tea plan, I would highly recommend you take a look at Handmade Tea.  These teas are created, crafted, and delivered with love, passion and enthusiasm for tea.

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~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek~



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