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Yesterday I hinted at my new best friend, my Sei Sei Tumber.   I used the versatile tumbler to cold brew yesterday’s Sour Squidward Tea from Geeky Teas. Today I want to dive into more detail about this amazing tumbler.

For years I have looked for just the right tumbler to fit my needs.  I drink a variety of teas all throughout the day and wanted something that would work for whatever tea I wanted to drink, including teas that may have a smaller leaf or an herbal that might have lemongrass in it.  In the past, the tumblers I have had allowed tea leaves to escape and I always end up eating some leaves or herbal pieces.  Which isn’t a big deal, I just would prefer not to get surprised while I’m driving the kiddos to school.

So when I saw a review on a tumbler that had some pretty great praises from a fellow tea blogger (check out her blog if you haven’t, she is amazing) I couldn’t wait to get one.

If you are new to tea drinking, want to get into tea, or are an experienced tea drinker. . .you have to check out this tumbler!

~The Breakdown~


Sei Sei Tumbler is as beautiful as it is functional.  This glass tumbler is doubled walled and has been put thru the ringer by me over the last few days .  I have used this delight non stop.  For the price,you really can’t beat it.  This tumbler is perfect for just about any kind of brewing you would want to do without spending a ton of money.  Right now this simple yet striking travel companion is about $23.

~My Thoughts~


Besides the tumbler, you also get this awesome sleeve to cover the bottle with.  I love this added feature.  It keeps the heat from the hot fresh boiled water from burning your hands.

unnamed (1)

Along with the sleeve, there are a few other pieces to this tumbler.  A brewing basket, a screw on lid to the brewing basket and a bamboo lid, which is perfect to place the brewing basket on if you are not using it for a constant steep.

unnamed (2)

My favorite part to this tumbler is the brewing or infusing basket where the tea leaves go.  Look at how small the holes are and how large the basket is.  With how small the holes are, there is very little chance of any of the tea mixture making its way to your mouth. And with the size of the basket, you can even enjoy oolong tea since the tea has the room to expand.

unnamed (3)

Now here is the only down side to the tumbler.  I really wanted this tumbler to be used for grandpa brewing.  Grandpa brewing is where you leave the tea leaves in the tumbler without any kind of infuser basket in the cup, allowing the tea to continue to steep while you drink the tea.  This provides a more up close and personal method to drinking tea and it is one I’m starting to really enjoy.  I tried that with the tumbler and unfortunately, I was greeted with tea leaves in each sip.  See that little prong? That prong allows the tea basket to fit into the contours of the tumbler-giving the tea basket a nice firm fitting.  I love that.

unnamed (5) unnamed (6)

But that little opening allows leaves to flow thru.  (You can see the leaves trying to escape in the second picture- I was drinking Liquid Proust- Tangerine Jasmine Pearls)

unnamed (7)

But really, with how large the brewing basket is, there isn’t a real need to grandpa brew the tea by just throwing the leaves in the water and going.  The basket gives the tea leaves plenty of room to expand and develop flavors through each infusion.  So not really a downside but something I noticed after using the tumbler for a bit.  And honestly, who cares if you eat a few tea leaves here or there.  It isn’t going to hurt you.


Besides using this for tea, you could use it just as a water bottle or even a way to create fruit infused water. For all of you who have expressed interest in checking out tea, this is a great way to start off and lends itself to so many different uses.


This durable glass tumbler is simply fantastic and I can’t imagine not having one now.  I have a feeling that I’ll be picking up another one so that I can have one as a spare.  I can’t say enough good things about this tumbler and am so satisfied. I’m thinking this will be a great stocking stuffer for the twins so they can start enjoying more tea on their own.

 Now to go make some amazing tea in my tumbler!

~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek~

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