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Yes. . you are reading that title right.  Sour Squiward Tea.  Geeky Teas out of Burbank, California has so many fandom teas, I geek out just looking at their selection.  So far I’ve had a Princess Peach inspired tea, the Zelda inspired tea (review coming soon), and now this one- The Spongebob inspired tea.  Looking at this tea, I really didn’t think I would like it but I thought this would be a great tea to try out cold brewing with my new amazing Sei Sei Tumbler (full review on the tumbler coming later this week).


Geeky Teas is a unique shop that caters to the fandoms of the world.  I mean just look at their logo- can you name all the fandoms that this logo inspired?

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I recently picked up a sampler pack that included over 30 of their different fandoms teas.

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 Sour Squidward Tea is an herbal tea made up of rose hips, hibiscus flowers, apple pieces and natural apple flavor. Sour apples? Squidward is FULL of em!

The sample package I have of this tea would make about 2 servings but since I’m cold brewing this one, I used the entire pack and dumped the herbal mixture into my infuser portion of the tumbler.  Filled the glass with ice and water and inserted the infuser.  The Sei Sei tumbler has a few different parts to it.  The infuser basket with a lid that you can remove from the basket itself.  The doubled walled glass tumbler and a screw on lid. There is also a really cool sleeve you can put over the whole bottle but I have only been using that for when I’ve made hot tea.  All I have to say is that Sei Sei tumbler is my new best friend! I’ve been using it non stop since I received it.

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~My Thoughts~

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So after letting the herbal tea sit in the tumbler for about a half an hour so so (typically you cold brew teas overnight), I was ready to see what this tea tasted like.  I knew that I was trying this tea probably earlier than I should but I was eager for the younger boys to try this tea.

The tumbler still had big ice cubes in it and the tea was so nice and cold.  The tea itself came out a beautiful fun red color that reminded me of fruit punch.  I poured three cups for myself and the two boys and we all tried it.  One kid did not like it-but I can’t say he really tried it.  The other kiddo liked it, but didn’t want more.  It didn’t matter.  I eagerly finished their glasses and went to make more.

This tea is good, I mean really good.  I was so very surprised that I liked this herbal mix as much as I did.  What it reminded me of was one of those powdered stick mixes you add to your water and then shake it up.  But, this tea had so much more flavor and was amazingly refreshing.

The apple flavor was want really sings in this mix and the hibiscus in the tea gives off the flavor of a crisp yet sour like apple.  Like a crisp green apple that you would get at an orchard.  Perfect time for this tea since we are starting to see more of the fall season rolling in.  I was able to pull out a couple infusions from the mix and was said when I knew that there was no more to be had.  I just can’t get over how this tea tastes so much like a crisp green apple.  Delicious!

Big thumbs up for both the Sour Squidward Tea and using my Sei Sei tumbler as a cold brewing vessel.  I’m excited to try some more of the Geeky Teas as a cold brew.

And might I add how happy it makes me that Squidward got a tea inspired after him and not Spongebob or Patrick.  I’ve always liked Squidward the best!

~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek~

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