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Liquid Proust Teas is one of my favorite new tea shops.  The owner is a fellow member of Steepster who puts so much passion and care into everything he does.  I have traded teas with him a few times and absolutely love supporting him with this tea shop.  When he said he was going to create a birthday tea for his birthday, I was all over it!

~The Breakdown. . . .



Liquid Proust Teas is a Etsy tea shop with a tea for just about everybody.  The owner, Andrew, tries very hard to come up with amazing flavors that you may not find anywhere else. He even has YouTube videos showing the process he goes thru to create his tea blends.


Andrew’s Birthday Insanity is made up of jasmine pearls, white peony, blue pea flowers, marshmallow leaf, cornflower petals, black currant, passion fruit, and flavoring. Such a fun and interesting mix of floral tea with a fruit twist. Like I said earlier, this was a tea blend that Liquid Proust Teas created for his birthday.

~Thoughts. . . .

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The tea leaf was gorgeous.  Simply beautiful.  I loved how all the colors worked together and the blues really popped.  I recently discovered blue pea flowers so I was super excited to see that flavor combined with the jasmine pearls.  I love the Tangerine Jasmine Pearls that I had tried over the summer from Liquid Proust and knew this birthday inspired  tea would be something I would love and adore.

unnamed (3)

What a lovely color this tea brewed up to be.  It was almost neon green.  So lovely and unique!


First sip, oh sweet floral heaven bliss!  The aroma from the tea was absolutely matching the flavors that I was picking up.

This tea hits all those floral craving notes that I find myself having during the hotter days of summer.  This oddly gorgeous neon green brew delivered a floral flavor that has a kick of sweetness.  I love how the floral notes in this tea don’t overpower each other and this tea also doesn’t remind me of the perfume counter at the department stores.  And the floral also doesn’t come off as un-natural but more a smooth floral sweetness.  This tea is just making me crazy happy right now and I am infusion #3.  I think I’ve exhausted the tea leaves at this point.

The only flavor I never really got was the passion fruit flavorings.  They may have come into play with giving the tea the notes of sweetness I was detecting but I can’t say that for sure.  But I can’t say that I’m wanting any other flavors or missing anything.  This tea is delicately sweet just the way it is.

For a change of pace, I did try this as an iced tea for my trek into work and this tea was still amazing but where this tea stole my heart was brewed hot.  I want to try this one as a cold brew so I’m glad  I have a lot of this tea left.

unnamed (1)

Another fabulous tea from Liquid Proust Teas!

I can’t consider this one a sipdown but I’m ok with that.  I’m actually glad I have quite a bit of this tea left over!

~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek

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