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Even though I’m a tea addict, I do start each day off with a cup of coffee.  I need that extra kick to get me going and then for the rest of the day, I typically drink tea.  That might be changing. . .

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Red Clover Tea and Herbs is a company I hadn’t heard of until the other day I was checking out Twitter and saw their lovely logo.  I clicked on their website and was impressed by the style and crisp look of their site.  The more I read about the company the more I realized that this was pretty much all ran by one lady who I am incredibly impressed by, but more on that later.  Let’s chat about this tea.

~The Breakdown

Who:  Red Clover Tea and Herbs 

Tea Blend:  Coffee Lovers Tea–  Nepalese black tea carefully blended with nutmeg and espresso beans! Smooth, strong and full of flavor. If you are looking for a coffee alternative, or looking to put a little spice into your morning coffee habit, this is the blend for you. This blend is smooth and delicious.


~The Good. . . The Bad.. . 

First sniff of the dry tea mixture left no question to me- this is a coffee inspired tea.  There was a really nice chicory/vanilla smell that begged to be made into a latte.  So that is what I did.

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I used my Breville One Touch to prep the tea- black tea setting for about 3 minutes.  For me, this is the easiest way to make black tea.  While the tea was steeping, I went to my Breville Frother ( I sound like a commercial here-ha!) and started working on the topping for my latte.  Last year, my fiance bought me the Breville Frother for Christmas.  I love it.  It makes frothing milk and making hot chocolate for the kids super easy.  I poured milk and french vanilla creamer in and hit the button for the frothing to begin.  While that was finishing up, I poured the tea into my mug.  The kitchen started to smell like a coffee house.  I love how chicory smells and with the added vanilla in the mix, there was a sweetness in the air as well.

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I poured the frothed milk mixture into my mug and sat down to enjoy the cuppa. (Yep, it was that easy to make a latte this morning)

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My thoughts? This tea makes an amazing latte! I’m not sure how I would like this plain but as a latte this tea just sings! And there are definite coffee notes I am picking up.

You can pick up all the different flavors.  The black tea is very subtle and in the background.   The chicory is the flavor I pick up the most-providing the tea with that roasted unique flavor.  The espresso beans deliver a dark coffee flavor and the vanilla offsets it all with a sweetness that is mixed in with the milk and creamer that I added in.  In just about every other sip there is a kick of a spice from the nutmeg. This cuppa delivers a nice punch of flavors this morning that really promote a coffee flavor.

With the chicory and nutmeg, I bet this tea would make a great pumpkin latte with that flavor of creamer hitting the stores with the upcoming fall season.

I could see this tea making a killer alternative to an iced coffee in the afternoons and I plan to do just that.

If you are not a coffee drinker, you may not like this one. Typically in coffee inspired tea blends there is some sort of chocolate added in to mute the coffee tones, not with this blend and I think that is why I like it so much.   My cuppa is empty and I need a refill.

~The Geek

Like I said earlier, I’m impressed with Red Clover Tea and Herbs just from the About Us page.  It sounds like they are a one woman band and that this lady has her hands full! 4 kids in total-3 in college and 1 in Kindergarten! Color me impressed! I also enjoy how transparent she seems to be and even says this is where I get my supplies.  There is something to be said for that bit of information. .

Red Clover and I


~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek

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