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Geeky Teas is a company that I’ve been wanting to place an order with but didn’t want to pull the trigger for a couple reasons.  On their site, they offer a sampler pack for about $30 which includes samples of all the times they currently offer in their lineup.

Right now there are about 30 teas on their site, each tea dedicated to a different fandom. I mean how could I resist? With teas like Earl Grey- Hot, Capitol Cocoa Tea, Sour Squidward Tea. . . they had me. . hook. . line. . and sinker. Plus their logo is fabulous! I would love a T-shirt or a mug with that fantastic multi-tasking multi-fandom inspired creature proudly displayed.  (Hint hint Geeky Teas!)

Princess Peach Tea from Geeky Teas


~The Breakdown

Geeky Teas– Based out of California, this store has everything a fandom lovin’ geek could ever want.  Teas, games, tees, and more!


Princess Peach Tea– Black Tea, natural peach flavor, apricots, marigold flowers and apple pieces.

~The Good. . . . The Bad. . . .The Review. . . .

It was hard to figure out which Geeky Tea I wanted to start with but for some reason, this one kept calling to me.  I was a huge Super Mario fan when I was a kid so I had that good ol fashioned nostalgic feeling waving over me.

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Each sample comes with a fair amount of tea- about 2 cuppas worth.  Not bad for a $1. When I opened the sample to pour into the bowl to see if I could pick up any peach or apricots notes from the dry leaf, I was pretty shocked with how fragrant this tea was.  The fragrance had that juicy fresh sweet peach feel to it.

unnamed (2)unnamed (3)

I loved how nice the mix looked too.  There was a just slight hint of color to the mixture.  Now I just wished I had a Super Mario Bros cup to enjoy the brew! I did make sure not to oversteep.  The majority of this tea is  black tea and I was worried this tea would turn on me quick.

unnamed (5)

Finally it was time to enjoy the Princess Peach tea and get motivated for the day.  I let this cool for just a moment before taking my first sip.  You know, I have to admit.  I’m impressed.  Fresh vibrant sweet juicy peaches with a lingering astringent note.  Each sip I’m taking I come away with the same bright sweet peach flavor.  As the tea cools, the astringent notes are becoming more and more apparent and the tea itself seems to coat my tongue and the rest of my mouth giving me a nice aftertaste.  This tea really has me shocked with the amount of flavor it presents.  Geeky Teas. .  .you’ve impressed me!

I’m curious how this tea would be as a cold brew and I’ve got a cup in the refrigerator cold brewing as I type.  I’m curious if the peach notes will really kick it up and how this tea base will do as a cold brew.  I’m excited to find out. I could see this tea being a great iced tea to drink while playing some Super Mario Bros with my kiddos.

Now, I will say as wonderful as this tea is- I didn’t have the best experience when it comes to communication about my order.  I’ve been hemming and hawing about purchasing from Geeky Teas for a while, but their shipping charges are steep.  For this sample pack to hit my door step, the charge was $8.00.  When I purchase from a company, I will typically look to see if they have an amount you need to hit for free shipping.  I would rather spend a few more dollars to get to the free shipping minimum than to pay for the shipping itself. Sounds lame, but with the amount of tea I purchase, it just works for me.

My other issue was that I didn’t get any communication about my order for about a week until I emailed the company asking them what the status was.  A week after that, the tea arrived.  To their credit- Geeky Teas did and still does have a lot on their plate, but an email letting me know my shipment was delayed just would have been preferred to not knowing. Will all of this stop me from re-ordering from Geeky Teas? No.  If I find a tea I like and want more of, I’ll order more.  I guess I’m just more used to a bit more communication when it comes to my tea mail.

~The Geek

Later today, I’ll be posting my 5 Fandom Friday.  Last night, both Predator movies were on so I was a bit distracted. (oops!).   I’m excited about today’s topic- 5 Fandom Deaths that I’m still upset about. . I swear I could write a post about 5 Deaths that I’m still upset about when it comes to Games of Thrones alone!


Also, any tea bloggers out there that read my posts? Shoot me an email! Tealoverdotnet and myself are moderators on a new sub Reddit to cross promote your blog.  Holler at me and I can give you the details!

~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek

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