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Tribute Teas is a company that I’m really excited to learn more about. Based out of Chicago I’ve heard snippets about their teas from other tea enthusiasts.  I’ve been wanting to try their teas, but it is one  I never think of when it comes time to order tea.

It’s one reason why I love services like ChaHoney.  The provide you with a monthly tea box filled with different teas from companies that you may have never thought to try before!


~The Breakdown

Where:  ChaHoney – Every month enjoy the delight and surprise of trying new and unique teas in the comfort of your home.  This particular shipment includes Tribute Tea’s Moonlight Buds White, Jinmai Mountain Raw Puerh, Frozen Summit Oolong and Wen Shan Baozhong Oolong.

For this particular post, I am going to review the Frozen Summit Oolong- (from the website description)-  Dong Ding continues to awe tea lovers with it’s impressively unique flavor and lingering aftertaste.  A medium level of oxidation and roasting presents a supreme, nutty aroma of apples,  finished with the sweet taste of peaches…

I’ve already reviewed the Moonlight Buds White in a previous post and it was amazing.  I was excited to try the Frozen Summit Oolong and to see if I could pull out the apple nutty aromas and sweet peach taste that the description portrays.


~The Good. . . The Bad. . . . 

With the description of this tea alone, I was salivating.  Nutty aromas with the sweet taste of peaches, yes please!

unnamed unnamed (2)

I adore the way ChaHoney sends you the teas in 4 tea tins with a nicely laid out key.  Sure these are smaller samples, but they are enough to make a nice small pot and have several infusions from each tea.  To me, it is the perfect amount.  I don’t feel like you get overwhelmed or underwhelemd with the tea selection. It is a bit pricey.  Each month is $17.99 (shipping included) but I like the convenience of having someone else looking for the tea for you.  And who doesn’t like tea mail?

unnamed (1) unnamed (3)

This tea had such a nice nutty aroma that I adored.  It reminded me of a roasted toasted  oolong I recently had.  I brewed this tea up with my Breville One Touch (I know, probably not the best way) on the Oolong setting. Poured myself and my fiance a mug and sat down to enjoy the tea while we finished watching our new show we are binge watching, Skin Wars on GSN.  Think Face Off on SyFy but in the world of body painting instead.

unnamed (4) unnamed (5)

My thoughts? I really enjoy this one.  Brewed this tea had a lovely peach colored tint to the liquid.  But how did it taste?

In each sip, I’m presented with this well rounded full bodied tea that has a sweetness and a lovely roasted flavor.  I definitely pick up the peach notes as in the description and there is no denying the roasted vegetal flavor that also comes across.  The first cuppa went down so smooth that I decided to go ahead and prepare another pot.  I think I enjoyed the second infusion better than the first.  There were still notes of roasted love but the peach sweet notes were kicked up quite a bit and the more vegetal flavors were toned down.  Such a sweet soothing smooth lovely tea giving so many different variations of flavor in each and every sip.  I’m excited to spend more time with this and to see what other flavors may come out of the next several infusions.  Frozen Summit Oolong is a tea I can see myself picking up more of at a later date.  I’m loving the calm feeling I’m getting from this tea.  A very nice oolong indeed and one that just keeps giving.

And for those keeping track. . This is sipdown #25!

~The Geek. . . . 

Before I end this post, I just want to pay tribute to a man who changed the horror genre into what it is today. Wes Craven was an amazing mastermind that gave us endless nights of scary dreams that still haunt many of us today.  It is hard to watch certain horror movies and not see the influence Wes Craven had over the film makers.  Unfortunately, he lost his battle with brain cancer last night.

Being a massive horror fan, the news that he passed away last night was incredibly sad and shocking.  I didn’t even realize he was sick.  As I write this, I can feel the emotions inside and I find myself fighting back tears. I never met the man but I felt like he knew my darkest dreams and what frightened me the most because those terrors seem to end up on the screen with his name in the credits.

Craven was an anchor in the industry.  A genius in the genre.

He created one of the most iconic and arguably the most iconic horror villain of all time.  Freddy Kruger stole hours away from many of us as children while we tried to stay awake at night, not wanting to go to sleep- afraid that we would be taken away by the scary burned man with the hand of knives.

Many have tried to duplicate his work, all have failed.

But beyond the Nightmare on Elm Street series, I still believe that he brought the horror genre back with the Scream series.  That movie terrified me when I first saw it and the hundreds of times I’ve seen it since, there are still moments where I find myself terrified.  Even Craven’s earlier films like The Last House on the Left, People Under the Stairs, The Serpent and the Rainbow, and Shocker (one of my favorites), these movies became staples in most horror fans VHS cabinet and were watched over and over and over again.  Or was that just me? The brutality of some of these movies has yet to be matched.  Others have tried, but like I said earlier, they have failed.  Wes Craven just had a finesse about him that can’t be replicated.

Many have paid their respects to this genius of the macabre way better than I.  But I wanted to say a few words to a man that had a huge hand in my love of horror.  Four men are responsible for my love of horror, my father, Wes Craven, Clive Barker, and John Carpenter.  These were the men whose films I grew up watching while I sat next to my dad.  Scared as all get out, but loving every minute of it.

Even if you don’t care for horror movies, you’ve heard of Wes Craven’s work.  He will be truly missed.


~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek

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