New Moon. . . A Tea from the Orbital Collection @ AstroloTea. . . #22 Sipdown! 27

#22 Sipdown! And what a tea this was!

New Moon- Orbital Collection from AstroloTea



~The Breakdown

Where:  AstroloTea

Info:  New Moon– With a light and lively sweetness, the New Moon tea blend is like taking a romp through a field of flowers. Blended with a subtle, roasted green tea and sweet flowers, this tea is unlike anything you have tasted before. Drink this delicious New Moon tea with the intention of renewal. What in your life could use an infusion of new energy? A change? Some new clarity? What new seeds can you plant now and follow through as the Moon waxes to full?


~The Good. . . . The Bad. . .

The twins are on another tea kick which I love. They ask me all the time for tea so I give them a bowl of different teas I have lined up to review and ask them to pick.  I was quite excited when they picked this one tonight.  I adore AstroloTea and the owner behind it all, Pamela.  She has so many different talents.  We have had a few chats in the past and I love interacting with her.

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This particular tea from AstroloTea is part of the Orbital collection- a unique line of tantalizing teas blended for the sun, new and full moons along with every Planet.  When AstroloTea had a sale a few months ago, I jumped on the opportunity and picked up several different samples.  I haven’t had a tea from AstroloTea that I haven’t liked yet.

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New Moon is a flavored organic houjicha tea.  For those who aren’t familiar with houjicha is a Japanese green tea. Houjicha tea lends itself to more of a roasted flavor than other forms of green tea.  I was in such an excited tizzy to try this tea out, I didn’t even take a moment to see what the dry leaves smelled like.  I know. . I know. . Bad me.

unnamed (20)

Brewed this tea up per the instructions on the package and poured 4 mugs of this sweet looking light amber liquid.  Each of us were excited to try it.  I took a sip while it was still relatively hot and came away with a more green tea flavor which I was surprised.  I didn’t get the roasted flavor like I thought I would so I allowed the tea to cool more.

After letting the tea cool a bit, the roasted notes really came thru and there was a sweet almost floral finish to each sip.  You can’t get much better than that.  This tea is dynamite! I loved it! Sweet roasted goodness in every sip with notes of floral in the background.  Yes please.  The addition of the organic meadow sweet flowers really does the trick with this tea.  I couldn’t be happier with it.  We are already on put #3 of this delight and the flavors are still going strong.  I would love to try this as an iced tea but I’m afraid my sample is gone and we have just about exhausted the tea leaves at this point. This tea is a great every day sort of tea to have.

I highly recommend this tea and this company for new tea drinkers and experienced tea drinkers alike! I haven’t been let down by any of the teas yet.  One of the best options you AstroloTea provides for their customers is the choice of  whether you want a tea to have caffeine in it or not. Such a great option that makes this company even more endearing in my eyes!

~The Geek

Like I said earlier, I can’t recommend this tea company enough.  Here are some words from the Owner-Pamela Morgen. .


~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek

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