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Yes, you are reading that number right.  Since I started my Sipdown Journey of Epic Proportions. . .I have drank down 21 teas and each one is documented either on SororiTea Sisters or CuppaGeek.  I’ve been a busy lil blogger.


Now today’s tea isn’t a tea that was in the stash when I started documenting my journey.  Alas, this is a new tea.  A tea that I purchased during a grab bag sale from the new and vastly improved 52 Teas.  Which I’m sort of feeling guilty about but not really.

If you aren’t familiar with 52Teas, this is a tea company that has recently changed owners.  And to me that is a very good thing.  I think the old 52Teas was getting lost in the shuffle of the owner’s many different projects but now thru the success of a KickStarter program, the company is back where it should be- in the hands of a tea enthusiast duo who bleed, breathe, eat, sleep tea.

I couldn’t help myself from venturing into the new bags of tea I received over the weekend and seeing what I received in my grab bag sale.

Cucumber Cantaloupe Oolong from 52Teas


~The Breakdown

Where:  52Teas

Info:  Cucumber Cantaloupe Oolong-(From the site) I remember when I first tried the Cucumber Melon flavored White Tea from 52Teas and thinking that an Oolong base might be amazing with this flavor combination.  So I took an Organic Qi Lan Wuyi Oolong and flavored it with Cucumber and Melon flavors.  This is absolutely amazing.

Ingredients:  Organic Oolong tea, freeze-dried cucumber pieces and all-natural organic flavors. 


~The Good. . . . The Bad. . . .

I am so glad I decided to pick up a few of the mystery bags from this sale at 52Teas.  Sure they don’t have a whole lot of inventory compared to other tea shops, but they are just starting up and what they lack in flavors they pick up in quality, care, and passion.  I’m loving each flavor I get to try.  Strawberry Shortcake, Pineapple Angel Food Cake, Mango Ice Cream Black Tea.  .and others.  I ended up picking up 2 grab bags from 52Teas adding about 10 teas to my tea stash total.  But I’m ok with that and if there are any available come payday, I see myself grabbing a few more.

unnamed (13) unnamed (12)\

I couldn’t wait to see what the dry leaf mix looked like and what kind of aroma it had.  This dry leaf mix had such a refreshing amazing fragrance.  Think refreshing spring time smells.  The word that kept coming to mind was clean.  I loved it.  The cantaloupe and cucumber both smelt amazingly fresh.

unnamed (14)

52Teas puts their suggested brewing parameters on the bag so I deicded to go with those.  I brewed the tea up in my Breville One Touch for 3 min @180F.  The tea steeping emitted such an amazing fresh smell.  I swear if this fragrance isn’t a candle, it needs to be.  It would be great for a summer or spring line.

unnamed (15) unnamed (16)

Once this was done steeping, I poured half into a cup and half into a cup of ice.  I wanted to try this tea both hot and cold.

Hot:  As light as the fragrance may have hinted at, this tea almost had a heavy feel to it.  The cantaloupe is quite strong and nice in this but I lose the cucumber in the mix.  I pick it up here and there but what I really get is the cantaloupe mixed with a lovely oolong that gives a roasted oolong sort of flavor.  As a hot tea, I like it but I’m not 100% in love with it.  I almost wish the cucumber was either kicked up a notch or maybe just have this as a cantaloupe oolong by itself.

Iced:  As an iced tea, I picked up more of the cucumber flavor than the cantaloupe.  Again, I get the roasted oolong flavor that I really enjoy but I also get this cucumber flavor that is nice and refreshing.  Almost like when you have a glass of water and add in slices of cucumber to give the water a different flavor.  This flavor is one I could sip on all day and not get tired of.  The cantaloupe provides a sweet background but I can’t say I would be able to tell it as being a cantaloupe flavor. Just a sweet melon note.

My next experiment is to try this as a cold brew to see if I can get both of the flavors to pop at the same time.  Regardless, I’m loving this tea as a nice refreshing iced tea and am working my way back to the kitchen to brew up another pitcher for dinner.  I think the twins will like this one quite a bit.

 I want more of it for the ol tea stash, but it looks like there are only taster sizes still available.  That is the one problem with 52Teas. When they are out of a tea, they are out of it.  You have to catch them while you can and if you miss out on one, you just have to hope that you come across it somewhere in a stash sale on Steepster.

Edit:  The more I drink this tea, the more I’m really loving this oolong base that 52Teas uses and the cucumber combo.  I made this into a tea pop and it was fantastic (added a bunch of ice and some seltzer lemon flavored water) and I’m digging it quite a bit!

~The Geek

This week is going to be another busy one.  From today, we have 69 days until the wedding.  Everything is for the most part planned, we just have a few odds and ends to wrap up.  I have been nominated for two more awards (Thank you dePepi! You are fantastic!) and will be working on those posts- accepting the awards and then in turn nominating others. I have finished two more of the Nightside books from Simon R Green and would love to do a little review of them-Plus, I still have the epic sipdown journey to continue.  I still can’t admit how many teas I have currently but lets just say this is going to be one long fun ride!


~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek

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