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Who doesn’t love a good mystery? One of my favorite past times that I don’t get the pleasure of enjoying much any more is snuggling down with a pitcher of fresh brewed tea and a good book with lots of mystery or a good paranormal book.


 Anymore with school starting and getting everything that is needed to be done to keep everyone on track, my reading has suffered. Once we get a groove going again, we will get back on track and I’ll have time once more.

As I was going thru my tea stash the other day to find the next tea I was going to attack and sipdown I came across this one from Liquid Proust Teas.  He hasn’t let me down yet with any of the teas I’ve received from him yet.  I had high expectations for this little ditty.


~The Breakdown

Where:  Liquid Proust Teas Etsy Site

Info:  Mysterious Tea-The only things I will say about this tea is that it is a green tea mixture.  Each person who purchases this will be allowed to submit one guess as to what is all in this blend. The limit to ingredients guessed is a maximum of 10. The closest person or persons will win ‘something’.  This is pretty interesting mixture…Liquid Proust Teas suggest to steep this with water at 175f for 90 seconds to two minutes.

~The Good. . .The Bad. . .

So as you can see, there really isn’t much of a hint to what the tea is except that it is a green tea.  I love my green teas so this instantly went into my cart.

unnamed (8)

The packaging for the tea gave away nothing.  No hints-no leads-nada.  I opened the package up and discovered some clues as to what this Liquid Proust creation could be.  With the amazing creativity that is Liquid Proust Teas, you never know what you will end up with.

unnamed (9) unnamed (10)

This green tea mixture seems to have strawberries and what looks to be little dates? Maybe raisins of some sort? I know I’ve had these little almost sugar covered fellas in a trail mix before and they are delicious, but for the life of me, I just can’t remember right now what they are.  There were other little odds and ends of other inclusions in the mix but these were the bigger pieced ingredients.  I poured the sample into my Breville One Touch and prepared the setting to the instructions that Andrew @Liquid Proust Teas recommended.

unnamed (11)

The result? A berry flavored green tea of some sort.  In aroma and in taste, I pick up hints of sweetness and strawberries.  In the background I’m getting other flavors, but they are really too subtle to pick up.  If I were to guess, this is some sort of strawberry flavored green tea but that is not nearly creative enough for Andrew.  I’m sure there are other flavors mixed in but I am suffering from allergy induced sinus issues right now so everything tastes muted to me.  I probably should have waited a bit to try this one to give it my all, but I wanted a tea that I knew would be good and soothing this evening and Liquid Proust Teas always do just that.

I decided to try one more infusion to see if I could get the rest of the flavors to come thru for me.

Infusion #2- Same tastes.  Strawberry Sweet something or other Green Tea.  So Andrew @Liquid Proust Teas. . That is my really bad guess!

Regardless of what it is supposed to taste like, the berry flavor is vibrant and delicious.  The berry flavor is the dominating flavor and one I really like.  It is almost a jammy like berry flavor to me.  The green tea has a nice distinct green tea flavor. Not quite grassy but also not quite buttery rich.  Kind of in the middle.  For a tea that is right now listed on Liquid Proust Teas for $2. . This tea is a steal! You can’t go wrong with a berry loving green tea.  I’m taking the rest of my pouch and pouring into a pitcher for a cold brew experiment.  I’m looking forward to a tumbler of cold brewed Liquid Proust creation to accompany me on my ride into the office.

Psst. . .Andrew. . .what is the flavor really supposed to be? I promise I won’t tell. . (as there are fingers crossed behind her back)

~The Geek

Have you been on Kickstarter lately? Check out this cool new tea related Kickstarter campaign-NovelTea Tins.  They were funded in 48hours! I’m backing them for at least one book-not sure which one I want just yet.  It is a pretty neat idea and a great way for me to store my tea.  Now to decide if I should up my pledge to get another tea “book” tin. . . .decisions. . .decisions. . .


~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek

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