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With all the negativity that was in the news/world yesterday, I wanted a tea that was uplifting and would motivate me today.  Plus I was excited to try a new tea from a new company I had discovered over the summer. When I checked out their website to start working on this post, I came across this and just smiled.  Today is going to be a good day.  Oh yes.  Today will be a good day.


Reading that just makes me smile.. . and so does their tea!


~The Breakdown

Where:  Happy Lucky’s Tea House

Info:  Madame Grey– We have heard a number of requests for “Lady Grey”, Cream Earl Grey, French Earl Grey, you name it, we’ve heard it, and to accomodate the requests as best we can without dedicating an entire wall to one type, we’ve created a little fusion! Drawing from all of the aforementioned varieties, we present a new signature blend, Madame Grey. A blend of our Blue Flower Earl Grey, Nilgiri, and Vanilla Black teas with Rose Petals and a touch of Orange Peel.


~The Good. . . The Bad. . . 

Being a recent new fan of rose petals in my tea, I couldn’t wait to try this version of an Earl Grey.  Earl Grey is a very hit or miss tea for me.  Sometimes I love them, sometimes not so much.  I haven’t had an earl grey version with rose petals in it that I can remember so I was excited for this extra kick in the blend.

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The dry leaves had such a nice sweet floral hint mixed in with the bergamot oil fragrance.  It was gorgeous to look at as well! I loved how the inclusions popped!

I took the sample that I had received and placed it in my Breville One Touch ( Sorry for the dirty looking gadget there.  I use this baby all the time!) and let the Breville do its thing with the setting on Black Tea and 2 minutes for the steeping time.

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Poured myself a nice cuppa and sat down to review the tea in all of its glory.  And what glory it was!

 This is one of the most perfect earl grey blends to a non earl grey fan.  That familiar earl grey flavor is there but it isn’t heavy and smacking me in the face.  It is light and crisp.  The rose petals are adding in a delicate hint of sweetness and a gentle touch of floral notes.  The black tea base is providing a nice lush background for the others to play with and is also providing a malty texture that I’m really digging. Not one component is fighting with the other but playing together nicely giving me this delicious earl grey.  I can’t wait to try this as a cold brew and an iced tea.  This one will be a tea I will find myself craving.  I can just tell.

This tea traveled well with me too.  I have an hour drive in the morning to get my kids to school and me back to work. I was afraid as the tea cooled I would have a bitter brew awaiting me.  This was not the case at all.  The taste was still spot on and gave me a floral earl grey tea that I really am enjoying.

Even with my epic sipdown journey, I may need to break my buying hiatus to pick some of this up.  That is how much I like this blend.

Maybe I can convince Jason to have our honeymoon in Fort Collins, Colorado. .. .

~The Geek

Never heard of Happy Lucky’s Tea House before? Neither had I until I started looking for those unique tea shops across the world.  Here is a bit more about this fun named teahouse. I mean the name alone makes me smile! They even have something called The Great Wall of Tea.  What could get better than that?


At Happy Lucky’s Teahouse and Treasures our favorite saying is “Tea is life—Enjoy and share daily.”

George says, “we started the teahouse to create a place of community, where folks can come together to share tea, their lives and stories.” Our mission is to awaken good feelings—through community, connection and the experience of great tea. With an emphasis on social entrepreneurism the teahouse is a community meeting place to share the great work folks are doing to make the world a better place. In Fort Collins so many great people and organizations are doing impactful work but nobody knows about it. Tea brings people together. There is ritual, connection, and community in a pot of tea. Here is where they can meet.

~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek

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