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Last night I decided it was time to get organized.  I pulled out my three baskets of tea and that I have out and about the living room and started cataloging them.  Let’s just say, I’m definitely on a buying hiatus for a time but I need to start presenting a bit of self control when it comes to tea purchases for a bit. Can’t say I want to admit to how many teas I have picked up over the last year.  I even thought about suspending my tea subscription plans, but I can’t do that.  I just love my tea mail! What can I say.  When you get tea mail it just makes you happy.  Who doesn’t love getting tea mail?

The problem with having a large tea stash is that teas that you were like “Oh wow.  This is going to be amazing!” get lost in the shuffle.  This happened with today’s tea.  I want to say this came in my most recent Plum Deluxe package, but I can’t say for sure. . .


~The Breakdown

Who:  Plum Deluxe 

Info:  Peaches N Dream Oolong Tea- part of Plum Deluxe’s Monthly Tea Subscription Plan (If you aren’t a member, what are you waiting for?!?!) For  around $10 a month, Plum Deluxe sends you 1 oz of tea and a sample of another tea along with usually some sort of goodie that just makes you feel good.  If you sign up, tell them CuppaGeek sent you! You won’t be disappointed.  Plum Deluxe’s customer service and care are bar none.  I can’t say enough good things about them.  Below is a picture of what I typically get each month from them.  I currently have the $16 plan. There are usually little odds and ends in each pkg as well.


~The Good. . . . The Bad. . . . 

Peaches N’Dreams Oolong just sounds like heaven when you think of nice fresh juicy peaches mixed with a toasted oolong.   The dry leaf mixture has a nice toasted smell with just a slight hint of a fruit that I think you could say would be a stone fruit aroma.

unnamed (6)unnamed (5)

Brewed this up with the help of my Breville One Touch on the Oolong Medium Setting.  This tea had such a nice delicious almost peach dessert like fragrance while steeping.

unnamed (11) unnamed (13)

The verdict?  I’m in love.  The first notes that hit your taste buds are the nice stone fruit notes that are fresh, crisp, and juicy.  Some sips I can really pick up the apricot flavors and in other sips I’m getting more of a peach flavor.  This tea is a peach/apricot lover’s dream-very true to the name.  The oolong is nice in the background and doesn’t overwhelm the tea with subtle notes of a toasted flavor.  The honeybush tea gives the tea a sweetness and kicks up the flavor up the peach and apricot. I’m almost noting a creamy finish which I’m thinking may be coming from the honeybush.   The only flavor I’m not really getting to strongly is the black tea.  I can taste it, but it very gentle.  The black tea may be giving the tea a hint of a full bodied feel. This tea is delicious from the first lingering taste to the last.

I couldn’t be happier with this tea! Yet again, Plum Deluxe delivers a fantastic tasting tea that I will more than likely want more of when the ounce is down. I love the idea of mixing the peach/apricot notes with a toasted oolong.  The flavors mix so well together.  I’m already on my second cup and have a feeling this tea will be going with me to work today.

  I can’t recommend Plum Deluxe’s teas enough.  Their tea demonstrates such quality and gives you something different to look forward to each month.  My only issue is that they use red rooibos in some of their blends.  Something I’ve talked to Andy (One of the genius tea creators behind Plum Deluxe) about at length.  Red rooibos and I are just not friends.  Yet, he assures me he will find a blend that I like.

We will see Andy. . .We will see.  . . .

~The Geek

Yesterday Jason brought an awesome Kickstarter campaign to my attention that I just have to share some love for.  I am a massive Bruce Campbell fan.  I’ve dedicated posts to him and have ideas on how I’m going to countdown to his epic return to Ash, one of my beloved horror icons.

Check this out. . All I have to says is #theworldneedsmoreBruceCampbell!!!


~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek

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