August’s 1Up Box Review- Combat 4

When that little green box with the 1UP logo arrives at our door, there is a bit of pandemonium in our house! The younger boys are so excited! Cameron can not wait to see what is in his box of goodies.  Each month he has liked the box more and more.  Last month was great with the Robin Windup Toy and the Batman Sunglasses.  This month’s theme was Combat.  He couldn’t wait to dive in!


August 2015 Box Review

1Up Box Price-$19 (approx shipped to US a mo.)

Again, for the price. . these boxes are worth it! Each month you receive a t-shirt and collectible figure.  We haven’t been disappointed yet! This month’s box was bigger than the others.  I was excited because the emails we had been receiving talked about an awesome collectible.  I was hoping for a Pop.

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I was super excited to see  Dorbz! We haven’t started collecting these guys yet but I’ve wanted some of the Guardian of the Galaxy ones.  This was a perfect one to start off his collection.

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Like I said earlier the theme of the box was Combat so it covered a few different fandoms.

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The Dorbz was cool.  This is a series one Wolverine.  Wolverine isn’t the kiddos favorite but he really liked him.  From what I’m seeing, these alone are about $10 online.

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A really cool sticker that seemed to have just about every character from Super Smash Bros.  He was quite excited about this and I thought it was pretty cool myself.

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Each box comes with  a pin with a logo on it representing what was in the box.  These are cool and we are going to get him a cork board to display these proudly.

unnamed (8)

We don’t watch or know a whole lot about Dragon Ball Z. I thought this was a pretty cool ball.  From what I’ve read, it is only a matter of time before the kiddo discovers it and finds himself a whole new fandom to love.

unnamed (9)

I think this was my favorite part of the box.  This Panda Pool patch was a mash up between a Panda and Deadpool.  Can’t get much cooler than that! We are thinking of adding this to his book bag.

unnamed (10)

I think the wrist band was one of Cameron’s favorite items.  He loves Pokemon and has been wearing this non stop.  I found another one of these online for about $7.

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The shirt this month was fantastic! It was a combination of Ink from Splatoon and Link from Zelda.  He adored it and instantly wanted it on.  Even gave me a few awesome poses.  Gotta love the outfit! The shirts in the 1UP Box have all been really nice quality and fit him pretty well.

~Final Thoughts on August’s 2015 1Up Box

I think as far as these 1 UP Boxes go for him, this was his favorite box yet.  He loved everything in it and there wasn’t an adult (Jason or myself) stealing anything out of it.  This time around he recognized just about everything included and was extremely happy with it.

As far as monthly subscription boxes go, I couldn’t ask for a better one for him.  The other boxes seemed to have post it notes or coffee mugs in them.  That is great for an adult but the 1Up Boxes give the best of both worlds for younger kids.  There is always a collectible and always a toy or two of some kind.  This month’s box was worth well over the $19 I spent on it, when you combine the T-shirt price $20 (estimated), Dorbz Wolverine $10, Pokemon wrist band ($7), and other misc items ($10 approx).  I highly recommend this box for anybody that has a gamer out that may be to young for the Nerd Blocks and Loot Crates right now.

Click here to sign up! The first month they give you a discount and the box is $13(ish) with shipping!

~The Geek

On the tea related note-I’ve completed a few more sipdowns! Woohoo! #5 Strawberry Sencha- Treehouse Teas (will be published on SororiTea Sisters), #6 Chamomile Creme-Yellowstone Tea Co. (will be published on SororiTea Sisters), and #7 Simple Loose Leaf’s Breakfast Americano Black (will be published on SororiTea Sisters).  As we speak, Jason and I are finishing off the last remaining (#8) Honey Vanilla Chamomile tea bags from Celestial Seasonings that have been in the cupboard for a bit.  For a bagged tea, this is one of the better ones.  Sweet Vanilla Chamomile goodness.  Four more down! I’m on a roll!

~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek

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