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You can’t go anywhere right now without bumping into something that is Avengers’ related.  Just about all of my 5 year old’s school supplies were Marvel or Avenger related.  My fiance is an Avengers nut, especially Captain America.

My family’s newest addiction are the Pops figures.  Heard of these? They are fun figures representing your favorite movies or fandoms.  We have several already.  I have a few horror related ones and I just gave Jason a couple for his birthday.  My kids are even addicted to them.  The older boys are collecting their favorite anime series and the younger boys are collecting Marvel and Avenger related ones. It seems like every time I’m on the internet looking around for this or that, I’m discovering yet another fandom that has become a Pop.

princess-celestia-funko-pop 2014-Funko-Pop-Spongebob-Leonardo-SDCC Funko-Pop-Avengers-Age-of-Ultron-630x420

These little guys are just so much fun and are so cute.  It’s become our family’s new hobby and gives us a shared interest.

My son’s newest POP to join our family gave me some inspiration to pull out a tea that has been in my cabinet for a while.  A tea that is part of a fandom-The Hero Recovery Fandom.  A Collection of teas that are inspired by the Avengers. . . .


~The Breakdown

Where: Adagio Teas Info:  Hero Recovery Fandom– 6 sample tins of tea, dedicated to the Avengers


~The Good. . . .The Bad. . . 

Adagio Teas is a great place for newbie tea drinkers, the occasional tea drinker, and the more experienced tea enthusiasts alike.  They feature regular tea blends and more stream line teas but they also offer a great fun feature that only a few other tea companies offer.  The ability to blend your own teas and even your own fandom on whatever you want.  Say you fancy a tea dedicated to your favorite TV show- you can create it with whatever flavors or teas you would like.  Adagio offers a pretty nice selection of teas and inclusion to pick from.  When Jason and I first started dating, our first show that we binged watched together was Game of Thrones.  Jason liked tea but didn’t drink it all the time.  I promptly went on Adagio’s website and scooped up a few Game of Thrones fandom teas for us to enjoy.  It is just fun to be watching a show and drinking a tea that is dedicated to that show. It makes your inner geek happy!

The last time I was in Chicago, I was able to visit Adagio’s brick and mortar store.  I picked up the Hero Recovery pack for Jason.  I’ve had a few of them and so far they are pretty good.  The biggest issue you have with Adagio’s Fandom Teas is that some of the teas can come out with a more muddy flavor.  What I mean is that there is just too much going on with the tea.  The amount of flavors you can add can get pretty overwhelming and sometimes flavors get lost.  I’ve learned this on my own when I was creating a tea myself.

I thought this morning a nice Toasted Mate tea sounding nice, so I reached for Exiled. . The Thor inspired tea. .

(Sorry. . I don’t have a Thor Pop-yet! Welcome to the family Iron Man!)

   unnamed (2) unnamed (1)

Exiled is a Ceylon Sonata, Apricot, Toasted Mate blended tea. You can buy each of these teas on their own as well as the sampler pack. Another nice feature Adagio offers is the ability to purchase a sample tin, 3 oz pouch and an even larger 5 oz tin of each signature blend/fandom blend.

This particular blend has two different tea varieties in the blend-needing two different steeping parameters.  To error on the side of caution- I went with the black tea setting on my Breville One Touch. Of course I had to use one of our new Avenger mugs.  (Thanks Mom!)

unnamed (3) unnamed (4)

3 minutes later, I had myself a nice cuppa tea that works perfectly as a breakfast tea! A little roasted, a little fruity, with notes of a nice solid black tea background that compliments each sip very well.  The fruity flavor is subtle but definitely speaks of the apricot flavor that was added.  I really like the apricot and mate flavor combo.  I almost wish the apricot was kicked up just a notch, but I’m quite happy with how this one tastes.  The toasted mate gives the tea some depth and definition.  It doesn’t taste just like an ordinary black flavored tea.  There is a unique flavor to this one.  I’m really liking it and will pick up a bit more when I next order from Adagio.

unnamed (5)

Adagio Tea was one of the first places I ever bought tea from when I first started my tea journey/adventure.  I don’t order from them very often anymore just because there are so many amazing teas out there and I am on a mission to try as many as possible.    I have recently created a whole line of Fandom teas for my upcoming Halloween fun.  That is what I love Adagio Teas.  That creativity you are allowed is limitless.


~The Geek

Want to see the teas I’ve created from Adagio? Here you go! Like I said, you are only limited by your own boundaries when it comes to creating teas from Adagio.  I even created a line of teas dedicated to my brother and his wife for their wedding present.  They loved it!

~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek

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