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A couple months ago, I reviewed a box of goodies from Good Habit.  I loved it.  You had snacks and tea all in the same box.  A win win for me.  I could stash the box into my desk drawer and have the convenience of a gourmet snack or a tea bag right at my disposal.  I’m excited to say that I have another fun box to review from Good Habit. But this time, I also got a protein shake to try.  Woot Woot!!


~The Breakdown

Where to buy:  Good Habit– A monthly subscription plan filled with healthy choices for you to enjoy and indulge yourself.


~The Good. . . The Bad. . . .

As much as I love my loose leaf tea, I am a mom on the go 24/7 so I am constantly in search of products that make my life easier.  I do have some awesome handy dandy tea infusers that I use on a daily basis that help my mornings go along a little easier.  But every once in a while, I need to just throw some water in my tumbler and go.  Poor planning on my part, but those mornings happen when you have a 10 year old and a 5 year old plus yourself to get ready for work/school for the day.

So what could fit my life better than a Good Habit box? Really nothing.  (I swear I sound like a commercial).

The latest craze right now are monthly subscription boxes.  I know.  I subscribe to at least 4 of them between myself and the kids.  I love them.  It makes my shopping just a bit easier.  And really at the end of the day, sometimes my time is worth more than the money I spent on a product.  That is why I love Good Habit.  They offer monthly subscription plans catering to what you need in your life.  Each box can contain treats, breakfasts options, protein shakes, and/or teas.  Perfect for my on the go kinda life I have going on.  I’m already longing for those lazy days of summer where I just have to drop the boys off to my mom’s house for the day and then I head off to work.  . . . . And they just started school yesterday!

Since I only get one of these boxes a month, I’m going to review half of the box now and half of the box later in the month.  That way I have a treat for those last days of the month when I’m crazy stressed at work.  My particular box is the Be Balanced Box.  2 teas, 2 shakes, 2 snacks, and 2 breakfasts each month.

unnamed (11)


Out of this box, I pulled out the Curried Cashews, the Earl Grey tea, and one of the Dark Chocolate Shake Mixes.  My thoughts?

The Curried Cashews are addictive little guys.  I am having trouble not devouring the entire bag. The curry flavor isn’t overwhelming which is nice because I’m  not a huge fan of curry and the coconut provides an extra touch of texture to the cashews.  Almost like a much needed contrast to balance out the snack.  Very nice and wow so yummy.

unnamed (15) unnamed (14)

The Eary Grey tea was also pretty good. I can’t say it was a wow kind of tea but for a simple earl grey tea it fit the bill perfectly.  I didn’t want a crazy flavorful tea because of the cashews I was eagerly munching on.  The tea itself has a nice even bergamot flavor, not overwhelming but definitely you can tell it is there.  Just simple good earl grey. I almost wish there was a pop of another flavor, like a vanilla to really round the tea out. Or maybe even a touch of orange to off set the bergamot just a tad.

Would I want this tea again? I can’t say I’d go buy a bunch of it.  But I’m enjoying the cuppa I have right now and wouldn’t have an issue drinking it in future boxes.

unnamed (13)

What I was most excited about was the Dark Chocolate Protein Shake mix.  I couldn’t wait to try it. I prepared this per the instructions on the bag. (8 oz of water pour contents in-shake & enjoy-can’t get much easier than that)

unnamed (16)unnamed (17)

I think this might need a bit of a flavor kick that an almond milk could add.  You can taste the dark chocolate and it is good, but I bet this would be phenomenal with a touch of almond milk.  This is a way better alternative to some of the other chocolate protein shakes I’ve had in the past and I’m looking forward to experimenting more with it to try and make it amazing.

For snaking at work, you really can’t get much better.  I’ve tried a few of the graze boxes and have also subscribed to a few of the natural snack boxes in the past.  I think Good Habit snacks are way better than those and have more flavor.  Plus, so far Good Habit’s snacks have all been different versions of nut mixes, which I love.  They keep me coming back for more!

~The Geek

Want to read about my first experience with Good Habit? Check out this link.  What are your favorite subscription boxes? I’m currently subscribing to Stitch Fix, Plum Deluxe, Handmade Tea and the 1 Up Box to name a few. . .I’m curious what everyone else has arriving at the door.  I mean c’mon.  Who doesn’t love mail?

~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek

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