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I think I’m going to start a new weekly post about playing with your food.  It was too much fun last time!  Basically I am going to take my love for tea and my love for cooking and see what I can come up with.  I tried Overnight Oats with Phoenix Chai from Vampyre Tea Co. and I’m addicted to them.  I already have plans for an Overnight Oats recipe for the upcoming fall season with pumpkin. . . It is going to be good! (fingers crossed)

But for today, I thought I would see about combining tea with my favorite breakfast food- muffins.  I love muffins just for their pure convenience and how fun they can be.  I’ve taken muffin mixes and added in mint pieces, fruit, jelly, pumpkin, you name it- I’ve probably tried it.  With how fast paced and busy our lives are, I love added in a bit of a flavor kick into a food that I take comfort in.  It doesn’t take long to pop a few mini muffins in your mouth before heading off to work or off to school.

So today, I decided that I would once again turn to my tea stash and find a chai that I hadn’t tried yet.  Teakoe is a company I adore.  Not only do they have fantastic customer service and a passion for creating small batch hand crated teas, they also care about the environment.  Teakoe gives back by helping spread the word about how important it is to keep the bee population going.  Such a worthy cause and one that I hope people are taking notice of. Plus their teas taste amazing! So it is a win win! Great tasting tea and a tea company that gives back!


For this particular muffin experiment, I tried a Teakoe tea I had never had before.  Teakoe features a line of Trailhead Chai teas, unique chai blends that pay tribute to the outdoors.  I used Fireside White Chocolate for this muffin fun.  Creamy white chocolate chips with a toasty twist and a chai finish? I’m there!

  Here is how I used Fireside White Chocolate into my muffin mix for a delicious take on breakfast-CuppaGeek Style!

For my muffins, I always use the Martha White brand.  They are simple and you really don’t need to add many ingredients.

unnamed (7)

All you need to add for this particular muffin mix is 2/3 cup of milk, so I poured that amount in my sauce pan along with the Fireside White Chocolate loose tea.

unnamed (8) unnamed (9)

I let this simmer for about 4 minutes- allowing all of the ingredients to steep and really infuse the milk with a lovely chai flavor. I could smell the sweet white chocolate aroma.  Yum!

unnamed (10) unnamed (11)

After the tea steeped, I strained the milk infused chai with a strainer (like I would use to strain my tea) and poured the milk into the mixing bowl.  Mixed the milk and the dry muffin milk together and then spooned the batter into my mini muffin pan. I followed the instructions for the rest directions on the back of the muffin mix bag- 425 degrees for 10-12 minutes.

unnamed (12) unnamed (13)

Pulled these little guys out of the oven and they look perfect and smell like chai! This particular blend of tea, the Fireside White Chocolate has a rich smoky aroma associated with it which did translate over the muffins.  That was the only issue I had with these delights.  Besides that, these muffins were amazing! I could pick up the white chocolate and the rest of the chai flavors in the muffins.  So good! I wish there wasn’t such a smoky flavor to this but more of a hint, but this tea is named Fireside White Chocolate for a reason.  I can see this being a great way to enjoy this tea when you are out camping or just want something a little different.  I can’t say it is my favorite chai, but it definitely tastes like the name.

This is my first experiment with muffins and tea. It was super easy and gives me a way to have a different kind of muffin for my busy on the go mornings.  I’m excited to try this same kind of recipe but with a strawberry or lemongrass herbal. So many different varieties and fun ways to experiment! I love being creative with my food.

I think I’m going to call it a success while I go get one more muffin to treat myself with!

~Yours in all things Geek=-Nichole/CuppaGeek

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