A Delicious Tea that is Keeping Me A Float Right Now. . . Blu Blanc from Blackbird Tea Co. 8

I am not going to lie.  I am exhausted.  This last week has opened my eyes to how much I actually sit in front of the computer working on my various projects.  I didn’t realize that I was missing shared time with Jason or the rest of my family.  Between all the different projects I’m involved with, I have decided that I need to stick with a blogging planner. And stay with it.  I tried it and really liked using it, but like I normally do, I started not sticking to what I had on paper and reverting back to my old ways.  I found myself wandering over to other tea stashes or topics and not sticking to what I should be working on.   I know.  Shame on me.  I am going to start making more of an concerted effort to do this especially with a new venture I’m starting soon on the horizon.  One that I’m really excited about this new journey but will refrain from sharing the news until the all is officially settled.

This morning I looked at my tea and literally said out loud “Who is going to give me the kick I need today?” My eye was drawn to this little delight.  And it has helped get me going so far. . . .

Blu Blanc from Blackbird Tea Co.


~The Breakdown

Who:  Blackbird Tea Co. 

Info:  Blu Blanc– Get a double shot of antioxidants with our delicious combination of high quality loose leaf white tea flavored with hints of blueberry and pomegranate. The perfect tea to sip while browsing record shops and bookstores on lazy Sundays. The best kind in our book.



~The Good. . . The Bad. . . 

So far I have had 2 other teas from Blackbird Tea Co.  One I really liked that I reviewed for SororiTea Sisters that will be published soon.  And one I didn’t like that will also be published on SororiTea Sisters.  Now the one I didn’t like just had an ingredient in the blend that I personally don’t care for.  Beside that, the remaining tastes were incredible.  It just wasn’t my cup of tea sadly. (Red Rooibos!!!)

Even tho this tea doesn’t pack a punch of caffeine, I was excited to see that it did pack the flavor I wanted to liven up my taste buds and made me do a little dance in my chair.  (Yes, I really did).  I was also excited to see this little sample was sent in a tea bag.  This morning I was wanting a no fuss tea.  Warmed the water in my Breville One Touch with the White Tea setting, steeped for a few minutes  and away we go.

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The tea bag itself had a very fruity aroma.  I took my first sip and I was engulfed in a smooth sweet but not overly so blueberry jam like tea with a tart pomegranate finish.  This made me even happier.  The flavors that are listed in the description are exactly the flavors you are getting.  I love that.  No disappointing lack of flavor here.  The blueberries are not harsh like some other blueberry teas I’ve had.  Nor are they chemical tasting.  These taste like ripe blueberries or a blueberry jam.  I’m pretty picky about my blueberry flavor and wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about this one.  The white tea base is well done and intertwines nicely with the other flavors providing a delicate background with subtle notes of a floral kind.  This tea is really good hot but I bet this tea would be a phenomenal cold brew or iced tea.  Something I’m going to try today in my handy dandy infusion bottle from Simply Good Tea.

This would absolutely be a tea I would pick up again.  The more teas I experience and spend time with, the more I am finding out that my tastes have changed quite a bit in the last couple years.  When I first starting drinking tea, I wanted flavored teas with a emphasis on flavored.  Now I’m finding that I’m enjoying the more natural flavored teas.  The ones that lend themselves to a smoother flavor and a more serene experience over all.  That is why I love this Blu Blanc tea.  It tastes natural, allows the white tea flavor to still come thru, and gives you the warm and fuzzy tea feelings that I love.

And now I’m heading back to the Breville to warm up more water.  My cuppa is empty.

~& The Geek. . . . 

In my very crazy whirlwind life right now, my tea drinking is starting to suffer.  I’m noticing it.  My water intake is however up, but I’m missing my tea like crazy.  Sure it only takes a few more minutes to make a nice cuppa with loose leaf, but I just haven’t found myself doing that.  Again, shame on me.  Tea is such a huge part of my life I should be better.  So I’m pledging to still take time for myself.  Today I am looking at wedding ceremony sites and after that decision is made, we are done planning.  My dad’s best friend is marrying us, we are going simple with everyone wearing jeans except for me (I’m still looking for the dress), we are having the reception at the bar we met at, and family and friends have spoken up saying they would help with the pictures and other miscellaneous odds and ends.  So after today, I’m hoping I can go back to my old routine.

That is why I am finding myself loving Blackbird Tea Co. even more.  They want to provide those tea drinkers like myself who find themselves in these crazy whirlwind lives with a no fuss way to still enjoy quality tea.  I think they have achieve this and more.  Here is a bit more about them. . .(Are’t they adorable!)


Picture from Blackbird Tea Co.

From the About us page on Blackbird Tea Co.-

Born in 2013, Blackbird Tea Co. is our answer to anyone who says that tea is too time-consuming, too fussy, and too exclusive. We believe in promoting connection, joy and health through tea, and that the process shouldn’t be mysterious or intimidating. In the end, tea is about taste, and there’s a type of tea for every palate (seriously – there are about 3,000 varieties of tea in the world, and that number grows all the time). Do I like it? Is really the only question you need to ask yourself. We hope you like ours.

In a mass-produced, throwaway world, we believe in creating simply and intentionally. As such, our collection consists of our most favorite teas. Think we should carry your favorites? We do too. Email us at hello@blackbirdteaco.com or hit us up on Facebook and let us know which teas make your day brighter.


~Lindsey + Kiko, Seattle, WA


~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek

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