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Wanna see how much of a geek I really am? Check this out!


5 Five Fictional Pets I’d Like To Adopt

Ever wondered what pets you would adopt if you had the chance to adopt any fictional pet whether it be in movies, books, TV shows, etc?

Here are my choices!

1) Fizzgig (Dark Crystal) I have loved the Dark Crystal since I was a little ol thing.  My mom actually can’t stand this movie because I made her watch it so many times.  This little creature was always my favorite.  A little fuzzball with attitude and moxy.  My kind of pet!


2) Babe.  Yes.  A Pig.  Why? Why Not? Babe just makes you happy with his pink little self. He would smell but he would be a more self sufficient animal and seems to have some pretty good hygiene for a pig. Plus if he got out of line, bacon! (I’m awful!)


3) Ludo. The adorable creature that protects, loves, and keeps our girl safe in the Labyrinth. Who wouldn’t want Ludo as a pet?  Ludo has always been one of my favorite characters from Labyrinth and I hope they do a POP figure of him some day!


4)  Bunnicula.  Bunnicula is one of my favorite books from my childhood.  With my love of horror starting at an early age, Bunnicula was the perfect choice for me when I was a youngster looking to read. Sure you wake up with teeth marks in your veggies every day but who cares? You have a vampire bunny pet with red eyes.


5)Racing Snail from The Never Ending Story.  Sure Falkor would be amazing to have but there is something to be said for having a racing snail. First, you wouldn’t have to build a gigantic warehouse to house a Racing Snail like you would Falkor.  I’m assuming that a Racing Snail is about the same size as a horse.  Second, the food bill.  Can you imagine Falkor’s food bill? A Racing Snail’s would just be picking up a few more veggies at the store.  And lastly, the economics of it all.  Falkor would be flying to and fro all over the place, running his energy out like a dog would.  The adorable Racing Snail seems to be more laid back and relaxed.  He would just patiently wait for you until you were ready to go to your next destination.



Who would you pick?

While I was brainstorming over who I would adopt, I reached for a tea with some pep.  And I can’t imagine getting more pep out of tea than one called Wake Your Assam Up!

Wake Your Assam Up! from Koni Tea & Organics



Where:  Koni Tea & Organics 

Info:  Wake Your Asssam Up! from the Professional Collection- Jump Start Your Morning With This Invigorating Blend Of Black Assam That Will Give You The Power You Need For Those Early Meetings. With Hints Of Malt And Toast, This Full Bodied Stout-Like Blend Makes A Perfect Brew That’s Loaded With Energy.


~The Good. . . . The Bad. . . . 

Now be warned, you have to enjoy black teas to enjoy this particular blend.  I have a sinus infection and sound like Rudolph (The Red Nose Reindeer) so I couldn’t smell the dry leaves.

unnamed (4) unnamed

I love the name of this tea.  It made me giggle.  A creative play on words. I prepped this up in My One Touch Breville for the water and set the timer to 3 minutes so I didn’t accidentally oversteep.  I don’t think this tea would be a very forgiving one.

unnamed (3) unnamed (5)

My Leatherface POP watched over the tea while it steeped to make sure all went according to plan ( I love my POPs!).

unnamed (6)

This tea produced a very dark brew. (Sorry for the tea stained cup. I use it quite often.) I took one sip and yes, this tea is in fact one that will wake you up and get you moving.  Astringent and malty. Full bodied.  This tea tastes like a rich strong black tea.  No fruity notes or any sweet hints.  Jason wasn’t a fan, but I really liked this.  I could see this being that kind of tea you reach for when you need a good kick in the uh hum- butt. This tea is properly named.   Another pretty tasty tea from Koni Tea & Organics.  I find myself really binging on these teas when I open a package.  I still have fond memories of the Kick the Coffee.

As a quick side note, any tea bloggers out there? Another tea blogger and I are talking about starting a FB group for tea bloggers.  Holler at me and let me know if you are interested.  With our powers combined, we will be. . . The TeaSquad! (Name still in process)

~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek

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