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If you have checked out my site before, you’ll see that things are dramatically different.  I have been a bit busy.  The original idea behind CuppaGeek was for me to allow my personality to show thru in each post and to really convey my style, my love for tea, the horror genre while sprinkling in stories about my life/family and all the geekery that I’m in love with.  The other layout I liked but it wasn’t me.  It didn’t really represent me very well and it had been bugging me for a few days.  I think we are on the right track now.  A huge thank you to Jason (who has been so insanely supportive of this whole venture) for helping me work out a few bugs here and there.  I have to say it has been extremely rewarding and fulfilling to cater the site to what I have always wanted the site to look like.  I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.  Let me know what you think!

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon The Orange Moon Tea Society, an Etsy store.  This store really intrigued me not just because of their unique tea blends but more for the story behind each tea.  That’s right.  There is a story behind each tea.  This isn’t your typical tea shop.  Orange Moon Tea Society has created a collection of young adult stories (but caters to an all age audience) that follows the life of Emily.  The collection is called Snapdragon Tea.    With the beautiful artwork and incredible sounding teas, I was immediately hooked and had to try them.

Batnip Tea from Orange Moon Teas, part of the Orange Moon Tea Society



Where:  The Orange Moon Tea Society (Etsy Shop) or check out The Orange Moon Trading Company (website)

Info: Batnip Tea– Batnip Tea is a black tea with natural mango and mandarin orange flavors.


~The Good. . . . The Bad. . . . 

First off, I just want to say how much I love the artwork that represent each tea, especially this one.  I love and adore the era of the flappers and that is exactly what this picture reminds me of with of course a vampire like twist.  I’m curious which story goes along with this tea.


This is a black tea with mango and mandarin orange flavors.  I have had several different mango black teas and those have either been really good or not to my taste.  The mandarin orange flavor is what really intrigued me.  Not a flavor I’ve seen a whole lot, especially in a black tea.

   unnamed (1) unnamed (2)

I didn’t really pick up any kind of citrus like or sweet smell from the dry leaves.  More of the malty note that I adore from a solid black tea.

unnamed (3)unnamed (4)

I prepped this up like I do most of my black teas (212F-3 min).  As the tea was steeping, again, no citrus like notes or tropical aroma from the mango flavoring, just more of the malty notes filling the air.  I knew this tea was going to be good. Poured the tea into my cup and settled down to enjoy the delight.

unnamed (5)


So what do I think? My cup is empty.  Already.  That is what I think.

This tea is good.  Really good.  Sometimes when you try a flavored tea, the flavoring overwhelms and absolutely dominates the base tea.  Sometimes there is hardly any flavoring at all and you try oh so hard to get those tasty flavors that the tea was supposed to have pop.  Batnip Tea, to quote Goldilocks, is just right.

The first notes that hit the tastebuds are the black tea notes. A very slight astringency  with a malty finish that lingers in the background.  I actually really liked this part of the tea.  This is a nice solid black tea providing a nice playground for the flavors to mingle in.  The mango flavor is there but not the forefront flavor.  About every other sip I get a mango taste.  But this is a subtle mango flavor with a natural feel. The mandarin orange flavor is what I really love about this tea.  The mandarin orange profile isn’t there until the end of each sip.  Almost like a parting gift.  First you get the black tea, then the mango, and then the mandarin orange is there saying here is the unique citrus twist flavor you were looking for, please come back for another taste.

In other words, I really liked this tea and I really enjoyed drinking this tea in the morning. To me this is just about perfect for the morning.  I don’t usually grab flavored teas in the mornings anymore unless it is a cold brew travel companion to drink on my way to work.  Batnip Tea gives you just a slight but fulfilling flavor that I could see making part of my morning routine.  I checked the Etsy site to see if Batnip was available and I’m not seeing it at the time, but you can still get the sample tin in the sampler variety that is offered.


I adore the world of the Orange Moon Tea Society.  I’m excited to start reading the stories and learn more about Emily.  I think it would be fun to drink the tea that represents the story you are currently reading.  Such a fun idea and unique idea.  One I’m loving and excited to start learning more about.

~& The Geek

Not only are there teas and stories dedicated to the Orange Moon Tea Society, there is a line of Tea Bat cards that recently were crowdfunded.


Plus, Orange Moon Tea Society even offers tea leaf readings, rounding out the world that the “Wormwood Queen” aka Kate and “Miss Blue” aka Bethalynne (the genius minds behind The Orange Moon Trading Company) have created.  I’m excited to enter this gorgeously creative universe that seems to be my cup of tea.

~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek

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