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I love it when a fellow Steepster (an online tea forum/community/the best place for tea drinkers) decides to take the trek from being a tea enthusiasts to a tea entrepreneur.  Reading about their daily adventures, the hiccups and bumps in the road, their success and failures just make me appreciate their teas even more.

Recently, a Steepsterite became a tea shop owner, creating his own unique teas documenting his trek into becoming a tea entrepreneur by way of his own blog and more recently YouTube videos (see below).

His unique and sincere way he treats each and every person on Steepster and his customers just make his store even more enduring to me.  You have to love someone that takes the time to do the research and create something unique of their very own accord.

Tangerine Pearls from Liquid Proust Tea



Where to buy: Liquid Proust Teas

More info:  Tangerine Pearls– Ingredients: Jasmine pearls, tangerine (very small amounts), flavoring


~The Good. . . The Bad. . . . 

Jasmine green tea is a new love of mine.  I haven’t always been a fan of floral teas in the past but for some reason they have been really hitting the spot this summer.  Over the last month, I have had my fair share of jasmine green.  Some I have found to be refreshing and just the right amount of jasmine in conjunction with the green tea.  Some, not so much.

When Andrew @Liquid Proust first announced his shop was opened, I immediately went to his site.  Tangerine Pearls was the first tea into my cart, along with a Sweet Cocoa Roasted Genmachia.  He offers such a unique range of flavors and teas that it was hard to keep my cart under control.  I added one more tea, a Mystery Tea into my cart and hit check out.  If I hadn’t done that, I would have done some damage to the ol checking account.

When I first opened up my pouch of Tangerine Pearls and inhaled the fragrance from the unique little pearls, I knew this tea and I would be good friends.  I was greeted with a delicious smelling citrus aroma with just a hint of jasmine.  Exactly what I was hoping for.

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This particular take on a jasmine tea comes in the shop of the jasmine pearls with a light tangerine flavoring added.  I love these little pearls and really like throwing them into my infuser bottle when I’m in a rush but still want some tea to take with me.

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Andrew @Liquid Proust graciously adds in steeping instructions with his teas but I have been playing around with the steeping parameters for the last couple days and have come up with the right steeping times for my own palate. For me, I wanted more of the tangerine flavor to pop instead of just having a hint.  (Andrew’s recommendation are to brew this tea with 175F temp for the water and 2-3 minutes for the steeping time.  I found that if I leave the pearls in for just a few more minutes, the tangerine flavor is more prominent.)

The first time I drank this tea, I was very happy with the results.  The jasmine wasn’t overwhelming but warm and inviting.  Not a dominating jasmine at all.  Just lightly there.  The green tea flavor was subtle giving way to a buttery smoothness.  The tangerine was there as well, but again subtle.  All very natural tasting.  My first experience with this tea was one of subtly.  Not one flavor dominated the other and each flavor was able to be picked out but nothing (honestly) wowed me.  I was still very pleased with this.  Sometimes a lighter tea is exactly what the palate is craving.

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By accident, I oversteeped the second infusion of this.  That is when I noticed that the tangerine flavor really popped and created this marvelous jasmine tangerine like finish that made me sit back and take notice.  Soothing and very fresh tasting, the flavors all were present again but in contrast to the first steeping the flavors really came out of their shell.  Again, no one flavor dominated the other.  Each flavor was still there.  Light delicate silky flavor with a tangerine twist in a bit more of an intense fashion.  And the fact that I really oversteeped made me realize that this tea would be great for work where I often forget about a tea I’m steeping.

To take the experiment even further, I prepared another batch of this tea and I really oversteeped this (10 minutes).  I didn’t come away with a bitter or overly jasmine bite like I have with other jasmine green teas.  This tea is one that adheres to my lifestyle where sometimes I can’t always be “Johnny on the Spot” with my tea.  These little pearls give way to being more forgiving, which I am  very thankful for.

Tangerine Pearls seems to be hitting the flavor that I’ve been craving and for that Andrew @Liquid Proust Tea, I am grateful.

~The Geek

If you have a moment and are looking for some unique teas, check out Liquid Proust.  Andrew really cares about his customers and I think if he could give it all away for free- he would.  His love for tea is that great.  It makes my heart good supporting someone that has the same kind of passion if not greater passion for tea than myself.

Besides supporting a great tea enthusiasts, you’ll also been receiving amazing teas.  Want a French Toast flavored tea, Yup. . . He has one. It is next on my list from Liquid Proust, along with getting another pouch or 10 of this Jasmine Tangerine treat! Andrew takes classic amazing tea bases and gives each tea a unique twist.  Check out his most recent YouTube video.

~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek


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