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Imagine yourself sitting in a beautiful serene setting with birds chirping and the trees and flowers blooming all around you. We have a winery close to us that has just this sort of setting.

Mackinaw Valley Winery

Mackinaw Valley Winery

I love going there but it isn’t a place we go to often as of late with the rainy summer we have had.  Typically we go a couple times in the summer to see local bands play and let the kids run away with other kids.  Oddly enough, the winery offers a very family friendly atmosphere.  Kids run around and dance, having a great time while their parents sit back and enjoy some local music.  You aren’t allowed to bring in any beverages but you are allowed to bring any kind of food you want.  I’ve seen full on potlucks.  Such a great place to be.   Why I am chatting about a winery in my area? Because this tea tastes like a white peach wine. . .

Peachy White from Tealated



Where to buy:  Tealated

Description:   Peachy White – A light and refreshing white tea, Peachy White Tea was voted BEST TASTING white tea fusion by our Tealated staff! Share this delicate, hand blended tea with friends and family and make happy memories!


~The Good. . . . The Bad. . . . .

This tea was beautiful from the beginning.  The dry leaf has such a beautiful bright vibrant color.

unnamed unnamed (1)

Such a sweet smelling dry leaf at that.

unnamed (2)

I did something different this go around with this tea.  I’ve had this tea in the past hot and it was good but didn’t overwhelm me with a solid peach flavor. (Maybe I overleafed etc?)  There were nice notes of peach and a sweetness but nothing like what this tea offers when cold brewed.  I am in love with my new bottle.  Simply Good Tea offers a great travel companion for those on the go like me all the time who want to take their loose leaf tea with them with ease.  This bottle is similar to others out there and offer a nice way to make tea on the go or just in a more simplistic way.  Simply Good Tea’s infuser bottle is a nice heavy duty plastic.  I know a lot of people actually want more of a glass bottle but with how much I lug around and two kids constantly in tow, I wanted a more durable plastic bottle.  This bottle is so fabulous that I’ve been known to flip it upside down at my desk and watch all the leaves dance up to the top.

unnamed (3)

I let this sit at my desk for about an hour and Viola. . I had my tea ready to go for the first infusion.  I took a nice good sized sip and was instantly transformed into that atmosphere I described earlier. So serene.  So relaxing and calming.  This tea as a cold brew reminds me of a sweet yet tart peach white wine.

The white tea provides a delicate sweet taste with hints of a bite to it.  The peach flavor is bright and fresh tasting, no artificial hints at all.  Just pure sweet vibrant peaches.  There is no subtly here.  All the different flavor profiles blend together so well.  I am really enjoying this slight bite that you get at the end of each sip.  Very reminiscent of semi dry white wine.  A perfect flavor for these hot months of summer. I have tried several of Tealated’s blends and I do think this is my favorite one.

~The Geek. . . . . 

I’ve talked about this before in previous posts. I really do love tea companies that give back.  Rosanne @Tealated is an incredible owner who cares not only about her clients and delivering the best product but also about giving back.  It may not sound like much but 3% of the all tea sales from Tealated go to Water.Org.  Here is more about this amazing charity and how Rosanne @Tealated became involved.


Click here for more info

~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek

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