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Oolong teas are not a new concept to me but straight oolongs are.  I’ve talked about this in the past that I’ve just stayed more in the “safe” zone with flavored teas.  Now saying that, I’ve tried some crazy flavored teas.  I’ve always been curious about oolongs and recently I was given a chance to try some pretty amazing ones. . .

Shui Xian from Cha Ceremony



Where to buy:  Cha Ceremony

Info:  This particular oolong is known as Water Fairy or Shui Hsien, The tea is grown on the pristine Mt. Wuyi in Fujian Provence China.  It has a distinct floral taste. The tea has a lighter roast than our other offerings but this lighter roast is will bring out more subtle fruity hints. The traditional mineral, rock grown taste will be present but the lighter notes will add to the smooth, water like quality unique to this variety.


Pic from Cha Ceremony


Pic from Cha Ceremony


~The Good. . . . The Bad. . . . 

This oolong was an amazing treat. I’ve had oolongs here and there but nothing like this one.

This is my second tea that I’ve tried from Cha Ceremony and so far I’m impressed.  I wish I had more oolongs to compare this tea to and do a side by side.  But hey maybe I’m just lucky to be able to really start my oolong experience with this tea.

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This tea had such beautiful long leaves to it.  I was very excited to prep these up and start experiencing what Shui Xian is all about. I brewed this up using water prepped by my Breville One Touch to make sure I had the right oolong setting and sat down to enjoy a nice size mug.

After one sip, this tea had me.  This tea had such a nice flavor to it.  A subtle smooth flavor, not a punch you in the face flavor.  Rich warm notes of caramel and roasted goodness with a slight sweetness towards the end.  Simply phenomenal.  There wasn’t a vegetal flavor like I’ve had with other oolongs.  More of a rich well balanced smooth flavor.  One that you could drink everyday.  That was actually a thought I had while I was indulging.  I literally thought I could drink this everyday.  The mug was empty before I knew it so I went back for another cup.

The second infusion was just as nice.  The same notes were there but the sweet flavor seemed to come out just a bit more.  The best component of this oolong is this delicious roasted flavor you get.  Again, this is a subtle but prominent roasted flavor.  One that doesn’t dominate but plays well with the other notes, especially the caramel like profile. Yum!

Third infusion I drank on the way to work but wasn’t able to drink it hot like I had planned.  Forgetting that this had completely cooled off, I took a pretty big drink and found myself loving this as a cooled oolong tea as well.  No weird bitterness coming out.  Still that smooth profile I was enjoying so much while hot.  Versatile in every way.  Sweet Roasted Caramel Delight.  This tea is marvelous.  Simply marvelous.  Simple yet complicated all in the same.  A tea that helps you enjoy your day just a bit more or maybe will make you smile if you need that extra love when the day is almost thru.

I hope I didn’t babble too badly with this review.  I’ve been drinking all kinds of teas for years now, but until I started this blog, I didn’t realize the tea bubble I was in.  Now I’m excited to try the rest of the teas I have from Cha Ceremony and learn more about them! Gotta love learning about tea!

~The Geek


Pic from Cha Ceremony

“Great tea should not only have a good taste but also a great feeling associated with it. 

We are confident our tea will provide both.”

~Marcus Reed @ChaCeremony

~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek


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