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Last night we started watching Arrow.  Anybody else watch this? I’m already addicted.  The boyfriend binged on Daredevil a month or so ago and loved it, but I couldn’t get into it.  Arrow, even tho it is pretty cheesy, I was immediately drawn in.  We watched three episodes last night and I wanted to watch more.  I honestly don’t know anything about the series so it is fun to just sit back and watch the show.  I guess Arrow has something to do with Superman’s demise from what I’m understanding from Jason and we’ve already been introduced to the character-Deadshot who will be in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie.  We typically are more of a Marvel family but I’m liking this step into the DC universe.  From the reviews I’m seeing on IMDB, Arrow gets a very favorable rating.  I love binge watching shows like this, especially when it is a show that we can enjoy with the twins.  Hopefully this show keeps our interest.  Looks like we have a few seasons to get caught up with.


As I typically do, while we were enjoying some old fashioned super hero action on the screen, my taste buds were enjoying a delightful orange black flavored tea that reminds me of a rich creamy orange ice cream dessert.

Hammock Blend Black Tea from Plum Deluxe



Where to buy:  Plum Deluxe

Info:  Hammock Blend Black Tea– When we set out to make the perfected loose leaf iced tea blend, we knew one of our favorite flavors was orange. With a hint of “creme” flavor, it makes the most delicious iced tea, the perfect thirst quencher on a sunny day.  As the name implies, grab a cool glass of this tea and relax.


~The Good. . . .The Bad. . . . . 

I love Plum Deluxe.  Their customer service is top notched and their loose leaf tea is full of quality ingredients and always delivers a rich full flavor.  From the teas I have had, what they say in their description for their teas is the exact flavor you can expect.  Plum Deluxe offers a monthly tea plan that is the best and I highly recommend it.  I first subscribed thinking I’ll try this and see what I think of their teas.  After dealing with the awesome duo of Carrie and Andy for about a month and spending some time with their teas, I emailed Andy and said please bump up my subscription to the 2 oz plan. Even tho my tea cupboard is overflowing and I’ve had to get creative in how I organize it, I can’t say that I have any inclination of suspending my membership.  Their teas are reliable and always a treat.   This tea was no exception to that rule.

unnamed unnamed (1)

This beautiful vibrant orange tea smelled incredible as I measured out a scoop for the ol tea pot and a couple scoops to cold brew for a treat later in the morning.

unnamed (2)

Put a cup of water in my Breville One Touch to get the water to the right temp (212F) and went about finishing prepping up this tea.  My allergies are acting up this morning so I can’t say if the dry leaves had a nice orange smell or citrus fragrance.

unnamed (3) unnamed (4)

I let this steep for a few minutes and poured it into my tea cup.  The color was a nice rich dark brown.  For some reason that really stuck out to me.  How lovely the color was. First sip in and does this tea stand up to the Plum Deluxe tradition of tasting like the description. . . Overwhelmingly yes!!

This is a fabulous flavored orange black tea.  Now this isn’t like an orange creamsicle flavor where you get more of the cream flavor than the orange and the orange flavor is more tart.   This is more of an bright sweet orange tea with notes of creaminess throughout each lovely sip.  The cream is more subtle but oh so very nice.  The orange flavor is really want you come away with.  The black tea base stands up on its own two feet as well providing a richness in the background.   With each passing sip,  I am falling more and more in love with with tea.  I think I will be sending Andy an email asking him to include another 1 oz of this to my next order so I can become even more of a tea hoarder than I already am.

I talked about cold brewing the tea as well.  I think as odd as this is going to sound, this tea is better brewed hot than cold brewed.  I am going to have to try this again, but the flavors are so bright and vibrant when brewed hot.  I would almost say invigorating.  Before I left the house for work, I had steeped the tea leaves almost 4 times and was still getting a wonderful orange cream flavor.  When cold brewed, the orange isn’t as bright and the cream is even more subtle.  What I’m really getting more of is the delicious black tea flavor that Plum Deluxe uses.  There is some astringency that wasn’t there before.  Still good, maybe I just need to cold brew this longer.  I’m up for trying this again for sure.  But maybe this is one of those cases where I need to stick with what I know works and not waste any of this playful delight!

~The Geek 

I love Plum Deluxe’s website.  They have so much to look at and to offer to tea enthusiasts everywhere.  Even fun recipies where you can pair your wine with tea and create a delicious treat.  Maybe I should make up one of these yummy looking ditties before watching more Arrow this eve. . . .

Tea Syllabub: A Sweet Treat With Delicious History


~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek

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