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Summer time is the best time for fresh fruits and vegetables.  I love going to farmer’s markets.  My grandpa is a farmer and we used to help him with the farmer’s markets he would sell his fruits and veggies at.  That is one of my favorite memories of summer.  Going into the fields with my grandpa and helping him take care of the animals or even just help out with the fields.  My grandpa is 80 about to turn 81 this month and he still hand picks his fields.  Old school farming at it’s finest.  You have to admire that.  He has more determination than anybody I know.  The fact that in 90 degree plus weather he and my grandma are still out there picking green beans with their own hands. . .you have to tip your hat to them!


This tea reminds me of summer and seasonal fresh fruit.

Super Green from Do You Tea? 


~Tea Breakdown

Where to buy:  Do You Tea? 

Info on the tea:  Super Green – A blend full of super fruit, immunity boosting goodness with green tea leaves, juicy berries, and rose hips. Naturally sweet and is delicious iced.

Blend: Himalayan green tea leaves, blueberries, strawberries, mulberries, and rose hips.


~The Good. . . . The Bad. . . . .

Fresh strawberries.  That is what this tea smells like.  The fresh strawberries you find at a farmers market.  There is also a slight hint of blueberry and mulberry aroma.  Basically, a berry smell.  But not the artificial sugary berry smell.  Like a natural berry smell.

 photo 2


Since this is a green tea, I was wondering if this would be a grassy like green tea or the smooth rich buttery like green tea.  Steeped this up in my teapot with 175F water for about 2 minutes.  Never having this tea before, I wanted to error on the side of caution in case the brew turned bitter.

photo 4

Poured the brew into my cuppa and away I went.  The tea was very pale pink and pretty.

photo 5

Let this cool for about a minute and took my first sip.  Oh green tea heaven with strawberries! This tea has such bright and fresh flavors.  No artificial flavors here.  You couldn’t ask for more from a berry green tea.

The strawberry is the dominat flavor followed by the mullberry.  The green tea is rich and buttery like providing a  vibrant richness to the blend.  I can say nothing bad about this tea.  If you like a berry green tea, this is for you! I mean look at the dry leaf mixture.  Huge berries! I can’t say I’ve ever had a tea with mulberries in it, but I’m enjoying this!

photo 1


I can’t wait to try this as a cold brew. I also can’t wait to try this as a latte or add some cream to it to see if I can get a berries n cream sort of flavor.  I’m on my 3rd infusion and the flavors are still going strong.

I’m not only impressed with this tea but I’m impressed with the packaging.  Hand blended teas, amazing flavors, and awesome packaging. . This company is a definite delight in my book.


~The Geek

If you have a farmer’s market around you, check it out.  Sometimes you can find the best veggies, fruits, and crafts at them.  My grandpa has been doing farmer’s markets for years.  By shopping at your local farmer’s market you are shopping local.  I’m a huge fan of shopping local and love that movement.  Yes I shop at big box stores.  It is sometimes unavoidable.  But I try my hardest to support the mom and pop stores of this world even if I live across the country from them.  Makes my heart feel good knowing that my money is going to these stores and helping local economies.

Here is a pic of him plowing the fields from a few days ago.  Go Grandpa!


~Yours in all things Geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek



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