Tea of the Day- Jasmine Chun Hao Green from Simple Loose Leaf

Sometimes I feel like we run ourselves ragged.  Running here and there and everyone just to get a few tasks accomplished.  Once those tasks are accomplished, we feel better about ourselves and feel productive.  But in the mean time we are not allowing ourselves to “stop and smell the roses”. Sometimes you can’t help in.  With kids, your job, your social life, and everything else in between, taking time to appreciate life just doesn’t always happen.

I’ve felt like this over the past couple of weeks.  I have a pretty stressful job at times and I never feel like I accomplish anything.  I’m constantly pouring over reports to see if I can improve on things to help create a better work flow but at this moment, there really isn’t one.  I never really get that feeling of accomplishment and with my job I deal in an industry that goes 24-7.  No matter how hard I work, there seems to be something else out there I need to get crossed off my list.  Never a dull moment at the office but also few breaks where I can sit and enjoy our deck we have outside our conference room.  I even feel guilty lately to take a lunch because of how much I need to get done before the political season hits us.

Every once in a while I will search for and drink a tea that reminds me that life is made up of simple things.  Those simple things are the ones that count.  That everything will end up ok regardless of the amount of work and that I’m doing the very best I can.  I guess this is one of those tea blends that reminds you not to sweat the small stuff.


Jasmine Chun Hao Green from Simple Loose Leaf Tea


~Tea Breakdown

Where to buy:  Simple Loose Leaf

Info on the tea:  Jasmine Chun Hao Green– A green tea from Fujian, China that is infused with the delicate scent of the nigh blooming jasmine flowers.  Our tea is a Chun Hao grade tea that is a suitable daily treat.  Enjoy a sweet cup with a light and lingering scent of fresh jasmine flowers.


~The Good.. . . The Bad. . . . 

This tea is exactly what I needed on this stress filled day for month end billing.  We have accelerated deadlines upon us due to the upcoming Fourth of July holiday.  Lots of emails.  Lots of responses.  Lots of research.  Agh!!!

I went into the kitchen and prepared the water to the recommended 195F and let the leaves steep for 2 1/2 minutes.  As this was steeping I was enjoying the jasmine scent that was meandering in the air.  Helped me start to relax a bit.

photo 1photo 2

Poured the lovely light gold brew into my tea cup.  Took my first sip and closed my eyes.  I left myself really enjoy the first sip.  First the aroma of the jasmine hit me. Then the taste of the green tea with a hint of jasmine tingled my taste buds.

photo 4

 My love for jasmine is new and I’m having trouble really describing it.  I swear there is almost a bite to it from the perfume taste. Maybe astringent is a better word to explain it.  No matter. I still love this cuppa and am enjoying the euphoric like feeling I’m getting even as the emails are piling up in my inbox.

I didn’t try this as an iced tea.  I need to but I enjoyed this so much steeped hot and this really hit the spot today.  Simple Loose Leaf provides both a tea shop and a monthly box.  Not too long ago a promotional code was sent out for the box that is typically $15 on sale for $5.  That was a no brainer. I instantly placed an order.    This tea was one of the offerings.  I can see myself picking up more of this once I drink up some of the current tea stash I have.  I’m always looking for a good green tea with hints of floral that don’t overwhelm the tea.  This could be a tea I would find myself reaching more for in the future.  Right now, I’ll enjoy what I have.

~The Geek. . . 


Two brothers and a sister run Simple Loose Leaf.  I have two brothers myself and I couldn’t imagine running a business with them.  We love each other and would do anything for each other but we are all 3 unique personalities and have learned thru the years what to give and take with each other.  Kudos for these three for running a business together.

I touched on this earlier but you can subscribe to the Simple Loose Leaf monthly plan.  One of the perks to being a member is that you do get a 50% code to buy anything in their shop.  This is a very cool concept.  Say you discover a tea you can’t live without, you can pop onto the online site for Simple Loose Leaf and pick up that tea for 1/2 the price.

Here is the info on their subscription boxes.

~Yours in all things Geek– Nichole/CuppaGeek

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