Tea of The Day- Oolong Old Fashioned from Lemon City Teas

How to make an Old Fashioned. . .


Or you can save yourself the trouble and just brew yourself up some smooth oolong tea. . . .

Oolong Old Fashioned from Lemon City Tea Company


~Tea Breakdown

Where to buy:  Lemon City Tea Co.

Info on the tea:  Oolong Old Fashioned-Grab a tumbler from the bar—but hold the bourbon—tonight we’re sipping competition-grade oolong, neat. Let it steep while you go put on your finest smoking jacket and throw on some Sinatra. Now, swirl the glass and smell the bouquet of honey, wood and smoke as it takes to the air.  Bourbon or oolong?  You may not know the difference.

INGREDIENTS: Our Scotch of Teas- 90%Oxidized Competition Grade Oolong Tea


~The Good

Lets talk packaging for a moment.  I love it when tea companies take care in their packaging.  Lemon City Tea Co does just that.  Not only did they put together a fantastic presentation for me when I tried their teas.  The packaging itself is unique and hilarious.

.  photo 1 (2) photo 1

Each of the samples they sent me had a clever saying on the back of them.  This one said-“Steep 3-5 min for a smooth tea you’ll want to sip neat. Our scotch of Teas.” So creative.  Whoever is in charge of the packaging, Kudos.  They are eye catching, bright colored and have a trendy aspect to them.

~The Good

I will be the first to admit that I don’t drink oolongs a whole lot. I like them and do enjoy them, oolongs are just not a tea that I typically reach for.  Until now.

photo 3

Brewed up with the Oolong setting on my One Touch Breville, I sat down to enjoy this cuppa.  First sip and I’m almost sure my taste buds cheered.  This oolong was smooth and rich.  I can see why Lemon City Teas compares this tea to an Old Fashioned.  An Old Fashioned is a classic drink with the classic feel surrounding the concoction.  That is exactly what you have here.  A classic simple yet fantastic Oolong.  I keep coming back to how very smooth this tea was with slight hints of having a malty note.

 photo 4

For the second infusion I felt like more of a vegetal note came across instead of the rich malty flavor.  Still good and still just as impressive.  I steeped this one more time and still had the same vegetal notes coming across.  I think I enjoyed the first infusion the most and the fact that you can buy this in tea pyramid sachets is nice for people on the go or for work.

~The Bad

I have no complaints on the tea or the packaging.  My only complaint is this is yet another tea company that I am just finding out about.  I’ve tried several of their blends and can say this one isn’t my favorite but it is good.  I would have no problem picking up more and plan to in the future. Impressive all around.

~The Geek

Lemon City Tea Company has one of the best websites I’ve seen in a while for a tea company.  Interactive, trendy, and easy to navigate-they have a clean site with all the whistles and more.  The site also has a page with tea cocktail recipes and music that they have matched up to each of their unique tea blends.  Between their quality packaging and their fun interactive site- I’m really surprised I haven’t heard more about Lemon City Tea Company. Check their site out. . you’ll see what I mean.


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