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I have been reading like crazy lately.  Walking around the library the other day, I was stopped in my tracks when I stumbled upon this book on the shelf.  The Horror Of It All by Adam Rockoff.  This book talks about Adam’s life and how horror movies intertwined with his adolescence and influenced him.  I swear I am reading my own bio as I read this book.  He brought up a favorite childhood movie of mine within the first few pages.  A movie that as a child I watched over and over again, scaring me each time I watched it.

Anybody remember Disney’s The Watcher in the Woods?


Starring Bette Davis, this movie was about a missing teenager (Davis’s daughter) who was replaced by an alien/ghost like creature during an occult ritual that happened years ago.  Basically the daughter and the alien/ghost switched places with each other when the occult ritual went awry.  Mysterious events start to take place and creepiness ensues.  This movie has just this errie atomshere with it and some very suspensful moments.  I’m sure if I watched this movie now, I wouldn’t be scared. . . .who am I kidding. . .I’d still be freaked out.  Who wouldn’t be freaked out with the whole Nerak deal?

While I’m thinking of this movie and reading my book, I’m sipping on a clean, refreshing, and soothing beauty that I recommend for all mint lovers. . . . .

Introducing Wild Mint from BeauTea Studio


Where to buy:  BeauTea Studio

Info on the tea:  Wild Mint-A soothing and refreshing blend of mints, including organic Peppermint leaf, organic Spearmint leaf and organic flavor of peppermint. Take a deep breath, sip and relax. A perfect after dinner tea. Great for children and adults.


~The Good

The dry leaves from this blend had such an amazing smell.  Like fresh cut mint from the garden.  It was soothing and refreshing.  That smell translated into such an amazing mint flavor that was simple but well done.  You could actually taste the peppermint and spearmint both.  The flavors were bright and not muddy like at all.

photo 2

I brewed this up like a traditional herbal (212F-5 min).  As the tea brewed, I loved smelling that beautiful mint smell.  I have really bad sinuses and this tea was like heaven on them.

photo 4

This blend is so versatile. You could drink this hot or as an iced tea.  If you had another blend that maybe just needed a pop of flavor added to it to brighten up the taste, you could mix in a bit of this herbal.  I can see even adding this to adult beverages.  So many uses and unlimited possibilities from such simple blend.

BeauTea Studios also offers beauty and body care products that I’m eyeing as I write this review up.  Organic body butters, lip balms, and body scrubs. . .yes please!

~The Bad

N/A.  For this mint lover, this blend is perfect! And Wild Mint doesn’t remind me of toothpaste like a lot of herbal mint blends have.

~The Geek

If you don’t remember this movie, maybe the trailer will jog your memory. . . . even the trailer reminds me of how eerie this movie is.

What kid movies scared you growing up?

~Yours in all things geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek

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