Game of Thrones- Meadows of the Vale from Margaret’s Fine Imports

Meadows of the Vale.  Another GoT offering from Margaret’s Fine Imports.

The Vale is the stronghold of the House of Arryn, where we met Lysa Arryn.  A creepy overbearing mother who we learned quickly was just slightly crazy since her husband, the Mad King, was killed. Well, she was more than slightly crazy.

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Who can forget how Little Finger betrayed her by marrying her and then telling her that the only woman he would ever love was Cat, her sister. Gotta Love Litte Finger!

Introducing Meadows of the Vale from Margaret’s Fine Imports


Where to buy:  Margaret’s Fine Imports

Info on the tea:  Meadows of the Vale– Green and Oolong Teas, Jasmine, Peach, Mango, Apple, Safflower and Cornflower Petals, Natural Flavors


~The Good

This tea blend is a green tea/oolong blend that I really enjoyed.  Brewed up as an oolong in my Breville One Touch, this tea lent itself to being a clean and refreshing cuppa. A tea I am now finding myself craving.   There was a sweetness that made the tea incredible.    I didn’t pick up any specific fruity notes.  The two flavors that I really picked up were the jasmine and the oolong.  They complimented each other beautifully.  As it cooled, the jasmine notes become more and more pronounced. I’m not sure how I felt about that, but as long as the jasmine was just slight and faint, I am happy with this tea.  Jason also really liked this one.

photo 3

~The Bad

Cold brewed (in a pitcher overnight) I don’t really care for this tea.  The only reason I am not a fan is because of how pronounced the jasmine is. The rest of the tea taste great!  I think this tea just needs to be a hot brewed tea unless you are a jasmine fan.  If you are, check this one out.

~The Geek

Our beloved Game of Thrones season 5 ends this Sunday and the rumor mills are going rampant with theories on how the show will end.  I just saw one particular theory that I really hope doesn’t come true.  All I am going to say is we can’t lose another Stark! We only have 3 left!! Sunday I will be glued to the television at 8pm-drinking this tea the entire episode.


~If you think this story ends with a happy ending,

you haven’t been paying attention (Ramsey Snow)-Nichole/CuppaGeek


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