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Spring is in the air.  It is hard to make it through a work week without having Spring Fever.  I swear everybody in the office had it on Friday.  It was like a contest to see who could get their stuff together first and get out the door.

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Spring reminds me of flowers and fresh air.  Of delicate aromas and delicate teas to enjoy.  When I get the spring fever when it comes to teas, I seem to always reach for whites, greens, and herbals.  When I came across this tea on Amitea Organics Etsy store, I couldn’t resist.  I adore green rooibos.  There is just something about this herbal that I can’t get enough of.  I adore the honey like finish that always seems to be on the tail end of these blends.  Red rooibos, yeah, you can keep it.  Hands off my green rooibos though.  And epsecially off this blend-Lemon Meringue Organic Green Rooibos.  Can you say lush dessert lemon yummy goodness?


~Tea Breakdown


Where to buy:  Amitea Organics

Info on the tea:  Lemon Meringue Organic Green Rooibos -Organic, caffeine free, what’s not to love about this. This is as good hot as it is iced.I have blended organic green rooibos with organic lemon myrtle and organic lemon zest to create the smoothest, yummiest lemon meringue tea you ever tasted. Green Rooibos is not fully fermented and has a more subtle flavor than it’s red counterpart.


~The Good

Brewed cold- Amaze-Lemon-Dessert! So very good.  This tea iced is sweet and creamy.  Natural lemon flavor with hints of honey.  It really does have a lemon meringue taste to it.   Jason even had a glass of this and really enjoyed it.    I was able to steep the sample twice and both infusions were full of flavor.  Very refreshing.  Very spring like.

~The Bad

Brewed hot- This tea brewed hot is still tasty but a more muted lemon flavor comes out.  The green rooibos seems to come out more when the tea is hot.  You get more of a honey lemon flavor than the zesty lemon meringue.  Still good, just not what I was hoping for.  But Lemon Meringue is a dessert served cold since this makes sense.  This could just be my brain not able to wrap my head around that.  I would still drink this hot when I want a warming lemon beverage, especially around cold season. This blend would be perfect!

~The Geek

I love lemon everything.  Lemonade, lemon shake ups, lemon meringue, lemon green tea, lemon desserts. . . I used to buy the I love Lemon Bigelow tea all the time.

So in honor of this great Lemon Meringue tea, I found this awesome recipe.  I need to try this one soon.  It might be lemon overload-but how lemon-tastic would this tea party be!?!?!


~Your in all things geek-Nichole/CuppaGeek

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