Money & Luck Attraction Tea from Mountain Witch Tea Company

It is no secret.  I love this tea company.  Mountain Witch Tea Company has some fabulous blends, but beyond that-Kelly (the owner) is fantastic! She creates blends that aren’t just delicious, but she also creates blends that are fun and unique.  Her Mojave Desert Prickly Pear for instance.  Oh. . .so good.  I drink that blend and the Blood Orange blend all the time.  They are staples in my tea cupboard. So while I was watching Resident Evil with the boyfriend today, I brewed some of this up. Whenever Jason says he wants to watch a horror movie, I eagerly jump on the chance to share my first obsession with him. . horror movies.



~Tea Breakdown

Where to buy: Mountain Witch Tea Company

Info on the tea:  Money & Luck Attraction Tea is a special blend of thirteen herbs, spices, flowers and black tea; elements that have been used throughout history in magical rituals and in folklore to attract money, wealth and good luck.  This is one of two new blends just released from Mountain Witch Tea Company.  This new line of teas is called the Black Cat Potions.

photo 4

Yes, the tea literally has thirteen different parts to it.

Spicy Cinnamon- Attracts Cash Quickly

Sweet Spearmint- Attracts and Protects Wealth

Earthy Clover & Sage- Good fortune and Good luck in One’s Endeavors

Jasmine- Attract Money and Wisdom/Powerful Money Attracting Agent

Allspice- Brings Immense Wealth

Ginger- AttractAbundance and Success

Cloves- Bountiful Harvest

Orange- Attracts Wealth

Red Rose Petals- Brings Luck

Raspberry Leaf- Protects wealth and Prosperity

Black Tea-Symbol of Prosperity

& Vanilla for good measure I’m thinking

When I first saw the list of ingredients. . .I was a little scared.  That is a lot of flavors going on.  . . .

~The Good

Brewed hot-So. . was this crazy concoction tasty? Did all thirteen different ingredients mingle together in my cuppa? The answer. . Oh Yes! This is really good.  I am very surprised that all these flavors work together.  At first sip you get the sweet cinnamon and spearmint combo which really work together.  As you continue drinking, you get more and more of the other flavors, the jasmine kicks in and gives the tea a delicate taste while the clover gives the tea a rich earthy flavor.  I have never had a tea taste like this before.  This is fantastic. Rich and earthy, sweet and spicy.  All the flavors you could ask for in one cup.


Brewed cold- Still freakin’ delish! I really like how you can taste all the flavors individually but they work very well together.  Jason tried this one cold and he even agreed.  He asked if we could have it tonight.  (We have a nightly tea time.) Don’t let this tea scare you.  There is a lot going on with all the different flavors.  Give it a chance.  I can see people that really dig chai liking this and people that don’t care for chai because of the spice factor liking this.  I am not a fan of chai or teas that are heavily spiced.  I can say without a doubt that I will be ordering a bag of this one soon.

~The Bad

I can’t say anything bad here.  I really can’t.  I swear Kelly @ Mountain Witch Tea Co can do no wrong when it comes to teas that I enjoy.  About the only ones I haven’t enjoyed were the floral ones.  I am just not a floral tea kinda gal.  I wish she could offer samples for people to purchase but she isn’t set up for to sell sample packs, which is completely understandable.

Try her 3 for $24 sale.  You won’t regret it.


~The Geek

Of course after having this tea, I started to wonder.  What other herbs could bring you good luck or a better fortune. So I did a bit of research and found that besides the herbs that Kelly used in this incredible blend. . . these herbs are also in the vein of bringing you good fortune and luck.

-Carrying a few poppy seeds around are said to attract luck and prosperity.

-Lilac is used for wisdom and good luck.

-Bayberry brings good fortune, luck, healing, and relief from stress.

Whether or not you you believe in these herbs actually helping, I don’t know about you, but after drinking a nice cup of tea, I always feel better.


~Yours in all things geek– Nichole/CuppaGeek

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