Tea of the Day- Tiger Spiced Chai from Mountain Witch Tea Company

It’s the weekend which means binge TV time with the boyfriend.  We are currently watching Northern Exposure.  A flashback of all things 90’s.  And I am addicted.  The show is  a weird mix of comedy and drama.  There is a slight Ross and Rachel vibe going on with the main characters.  It’s slowly driving me nuts! They just need to get together already!! The show is based in Alaska and seeing the snow made me think of reaching for a tea that has a kick to it.  A warming kick.  I picked this one up from Mountain Witch Tea Company a while back and figured it was time to brew some up.




~Tea Breakdown

Where to buy:  The Mountain Witch Tea Company

Info on the tea:  Tiger Tail Spiced Chai 

This chai masala blend combines robust Indian black tea with ginger root, whole spicy green cardamom, cinnamon bark and a dash of sweet vanilla flavor for a sweet chai with a little bite.



~The Good

Brewed hot-With some added cream, this was a delicious chai blend.  I am not a huge fan of really spiced teas.  I usually find that the spices in chai blends really overwhelm the tea.  I am not finding that to be the case with this one.  The ginger, cinnamon bark, and cardamon are all mixed with care and no one spice takes over from the other.  The black tea base is smooth and subtle.  The tea itself smells amazing.  I want to bottle the aroma up and make a candle out of it.

photo 2

Brewed up cold– Still delicious! I think I prefer this one iced more than hot.  This could rival a Honey Iced Chai Latte at a local coffee shop.  Again, this isn’t a knock your socks off spiced tea.  Just a more subtle version with a sweet finish and a slight astringent factor.

~The Bad

My only complaint with this company is that you have to buy their blends in 4 oz increments.  I wish they offered sample sizes.  4 oz pkgs of a tea that you haven’t tried is sometimes a bit hard to justify. It is easier to take a leap of faith on a tea when you are picking up a sample or 1 oz vs 4 oz.   I’ve had a few different offerings from Mountain Witch Tea Company and so far I have liked all but 2 blends.  Their Blood Orange black tea is an amazing blend.  I adore it! Taste just like an orange creamsicle and I highly recommend it.  I actually did pick up 4 oz of that and their Mojave Desert Prickly Pear blend and am very happy with both of them.  They have around 40 different blends and I want to try just about all of them.  With not having the smaller sizes, it is just going to take me a bit longer to accomplish that. They do have a special deal where you can pick out 3 blends for $24.

~The Geek


Mountain Tea Witch Company has the coolest looking logo I’ve seen in a while. I love it! Being a huge horror fan, this vintage throw back witch drinking tea while flying her broom. . . doesn’t get much better.

~Yours in all things geek -Nichole/CuppaGeek

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