Mindful Morning Tea Blend (Earl Grey)

I am not a huge Earl Grey fan.  My boyfriend is, but I can take the blend or leave it.  Not something I typically reach for.

Plum Deluxe is an incredible tea company that has a tea shop but also has teas of the month, a subscription based option.  The company founder Andy Hayes provides some of the best customer service I have ever had.  When signing up for a subscription based program, I had a lot of questions and he took the time to answer each one.  I was very impressed.  I have dealt with companies where you get just a simple sentence back without any kind of greeting or thank you for the interest in their product.  Those kind of companies I have trouble dealing with.  Even if they have incredible blends. Andy is the complete opposite.  He even answered my emails over the weekend.


Plum Deluxe packages are sent out once a month and you can either sign up for the 1 oz option or 2 oz.  I originally signed up for the 1 oz and after receiving the first month’s package quickly emailed him and asked him to upgrade my account.  This is my second month with his teas.  I have to say I am more impressed with this one than his last offering.  (Here is the review on his last offering-Apricot Meadow).



In this month’s package, there was an ounce of their Mindful Morning Tea Blend.  This tea smells like fresh vanilla with a bit of orange blended it.  Smells unbelievable! Brewed this one up per the instructions on the bag and poured myself and my boyfriend (yes I shared) a cuppa.  Holy moly! This tastes they way it smells! Fresh vanilla with a twist of orange and a very smooth black tea base.  The bergamont oil is light and doesn’t overwhelm the tea.  A problem I have with most of the Earl Grey teas out there.  This tea is simply amazing and is easy to down a cup just in a few minutes.  This tea isn’t part of Plum Deluxe’s tea of the month program but is one of their staples on their Tea Shop.  I highly recommend this one even if you aren’t a fan of Earl Grey.



Yours in all things geek~Nichole


Want to find out more info on Plum Deluxe?  http://www.plumdeluxe.com/teashop.


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